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About Us

Aitoc is a world-leading provider of custom solutions for Magento.
It is one of the few companies that have been creating Magento
extensions since the very launch of the eCommerce platform.

Founded in 2001, Aitoc produced its first collection of Magento
modules by 2009. Ever since, it has been engaged in Magento
web development.

Our achievements till date

100+ Magento extensions built
800+ development projects completed
3000+ positive reviews on Magento Connect
20000+ happy clients in over 100 countries, and counting

Aitoc provides solutions for Magento Community Edition as well
as Magento Enterprise. Today, the company continues to grow
and to explore new web development niches.

Contact Us

  • U.S. Office
    400 S 4th Street - 401
    Minneapolis, MN 55415
  • Belarus Office
    Surazhskaya 10 - 26
    Minsk 220088
  • Support
    Monday - Friday
    9am - 5pm (UTC +3)

Key People On Our Team

Meet the people behind the Magento extensions, urgent bug
fixes, support responses and emails you receive from Aitoc.


Hleb Leushunou

Chief Executive Officer

Hleb took over as the company’s CEO in early spring of 2015. His strong leadership and business skills allowed him to successfully fund technology startups in the past. Hleb holds a Master of Laws degree and engages in soccer and windsurfing in his free time.


Ivan Doroshkevich

Chief Technical Officer

Ivan oversees web development at Aitoc and distributes work between the developers. He is a go-to person who often solves the trickiest Magento puzzles. A happy father and husband, Ivan prefers to spend his free time with family.


Anton Romanenko

Chief Product Officer

Anton has a strong 10-year background in UX, which makes him invaluable when it comes to building user-friendly Magento modules. Anton holds a degree in Social Psychology and is hoping to one day discover a perfect recipe for coffee brewing.


Andrei Mihailov

Product Manager

Andrei is in charge of managing such popular Aitoc modules as Advanced Permissions, Shop by Brand, Abandoned Cart Alerts, and others. A die-hard Barça fan, Andrei pursues a healthy lifestyle and takes interest in foreign languages.


Alesia Krush

Marketing Director

Alesia’s mission is to get the word out about Aitoc products and services in the Magento community. A speaker of five languages, Alesia is fascinated by different mentalities and cultures. She also hopes to one day become a skilled flamenco dancer.


Viсtor Kravtsov

Product Manager

Victor is responsible for nearly half of Aitoc products including Custom Product Preview, Gift Registry, Configurable Product Pro, etc. He is known for solving client issues in a most efficient manner. In his free time, Victor plays basketball and enjoys outdoor activities.


Alexey Yakimovich


Alexey is a hyperactive Magento support specialist, who is often the one behind a quick response you get from Aitoc support. A bit of a workaholic, in his spare time Alexey plays the guitar and derives geek fun from re-wiring electronic devices to his needs.


Artsiom Dziadziulia


Artsiom is the upcoming Magento support star at Aitoc. As a representative of the new wave of developers, he often adds fresh perspective to the company’s work. In his free time, Artsiom enjoys driving and snow sports such as adrenalin-inducing ski jumping.


Leonid Tomashevsky


Before getting a programming degree, Leonid learned coding all by himself with some help from a friend. He spent almost 2 years at Mobecls, where he single-handedly built many modules from scratch. A true family man, Leonid enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.


Vitaly Plisko


Vitaly is a young and dynamic QA, whose incredible attention to detail ensures Aitoc modules are bug-free and operate correctly. He also contributes greatly to the friendly atmosphere of the Aitoc office. Vitaly’s interests include cycling, snowboarding, and others.

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