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B2C E-Commerce

Aitoc has been helping entrepreneurs from various areas sell directly to customers since 2001 by providing them with efficient B2C e-commerce solutions. We know how to settle technical issues and stimulate management, logistics, promotion, and other activities. We support our customers’ endeavors by guiding them through the online business.

Our Expertise Covers:

Business process automation

The use of technology at work simplifies the way how employees accomplish specific tasks.The automation of different processes of a Magento site assists in eliminating all the paperwork that the staff carries out manually and accelerating business processes. We automate different manual processes from simple employee onboarding to accounts payable procedures.

compressing and merging


Technologies connect people and processes by automating manual work that people keep repeating.

Systems Integration

One platform often fails to fully unlock the web store’s potential, and developers solve this problem by integrating the platform with third-party solutions: CRM, ERP, WMS, POS, and other software, marketing tools, merchandising systems, loyalty programs, and more.

There are different challenges that integrators face, and Aitoc deals with them hands down, thus empowering its customers with multifunctionalty. E.g., our experts integrated a Magento site with SAP.

Learn more about integration services

Website Customization and Modernization

First-time website visitors pay close attention to its design and functionality, so it is vital to create an engaging user experience (UX). The website’s look and feel can be improved during its modernization or customization by taking into consideration the following issues:

  • A responsive design. Today, a responsive web design is a must for online stores, as it makes their pages look great on any devices (desktop PCs, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) by adopting them to any online environment.
  • Navigation. Effective website navigation is the key to ensuring the success of a website. It must be simple and intuitive enough to let visitors find the product they need and buy it. Proper categorization, easily accessible menus and search bars are some of the essential things that make good navigation.

System optimization

The longer the web page takes to load, the lesser chances that visitors will not leave it. In the e-commerce world where the competition is extremely intense, online store owners must reduce page load time as much as possible not to lose potential customers.

The system optimization is a common approach, as it can ensure the optimal page load speed (e.g., 3 seconds for Magento store product pages). The specific steps are discussed in detail here.

Our customers also benefit from using Full Page Cache Boosterthat enables full page caching and Javascript compression.

Other Aitoc Agency Services:

Development services

We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

Optimization Services

By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

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