5 Little Tips for Big Magento 2 SEO Results

Magento 2 SEO tips

Enhance Your Magento 2 SEO with Minimum Efforts

In the highly competitive commerce field, business owners strain every nerve to acquire and retain customers. They leverage crafty marketing tactics and entice buyers with irresistible offers and deals – all that to make them choose their brand over a competitor’s one.

However, when it comes to online businesses, one cannot find a more efficient tool to drive sales than the search engine optimization (SEO). The better SEO strategy you have at your store, the bigger audience you reach, which, in turn, increases your chances of higher sales. Statistics only prove that: in 2017, search engines generated 35% of total visits to websites, having overpassed other traffic sources, including social networks. No wonder, over 60% of marketers see improving SEO ranking as their highest priority.

There are multiple approaches and tools allowing configuring SEO for an online store. Magento-based ecommerce businesses are lucky to have a great pack of SEO features coming out-of-the-box. Editable title tags, meta descriptions, page URLs, alt tags are just a few of them. These handy tools allow online retailers ещ configure SEO settings quite easily, helping them to drive organic traffic and make it rank higher in search engines.

In one of our previous posts, we discussed some key aspects to pay attention to when setting up a SEO strategy for a Magento store. Now we are going to share five easy, yet highly effective tips on how to make your SEO work even better.

1. Generate Unique Product Descriptions

It may seem obvious, that the product descriptions on a website should be unique, but many merchants overlook this fact. Not only they upload the default descriptions provided by product manufacturers, but also use the same content on multiple web pages. This content is considered as a duplicate by search engines and so your website may be penalized. Moreover, Google may not even index such pages at all, which ultimately will bury your website in the search engine results. Content is the king and that is why it should be one-of-a-kind. Your visitors will appreciate it too if you put some effort into telling them more about your products.

2. Leverage Long-tail Keywords

Using just a single simple word as a keyword won’t bring much of a result, as its density may be too low. For that reason, we recommend going for long-tail keywords that include over three words. Such keywords are much more targeted as customers inputting long search queries usually know exactly what they are looking for. Thus, a product landing page optimized for long-tail keywords has a bigger chance to turn a visitor into a buyer.

3. Incorporate Media content

The advantages of using media content on your website have no limits and a positive effect on SEO is just one of them. Product videos and images attract more visitors than other types of content, thus driving more traffic to your website. Besides, pages that feature media content have a lot more trust with search engines. In addition to that, useful and engaging media files are actively shared by customers via social networks, which expands your brand reach.

4. Make Use of Customer Reviews

We have already discussed the importance of customer reviews. Customer feedback is yet another source of unique, authentic and relevant content. By posting customer testimonials on your product pages, you increase the credibility of your website both with search engines and customers themselves. To take advantage of customer reviews and encourage buyers to leave feedback on product pages, check out the Magento 2 Product Reviews extension.

5. Do Not Ignore Out-of-stock Products

A situation when some products are sold out on a website is quite common in the ecommerce field. Most of online retailers get rid of pages with such items or temporarily hide them from the website. But you’ve spent your time and effort on creating an attractive product page, wouldn’t it be unfair to just give it up? These pages already have the SEO value built over the time. So it’s a wise idea to leave them at your store in case the item will be back in stock any time soon. Besides, you can slightly change the content so that it’s fresh and updated, add links to alternative products or notify users when the product is back in stock. All that combined will help you still reap the benefits of your SEO even if some products are not available.

Wrapping up

Enhancing the SEO of a Magento 2 website is an ongoing process that requires continuous effort from your side. To ensure successful results, you have to keep up with the best SEO practices and not only set up a well-thought-out SEO strategy but also be ready to adjust it flexibly according to market trends and demands. We hope that these small tips we’ve shared will give you a helping hand in your SEO endeavors.

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