5 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Does Not Work

These things don’t let your email marketing campaign flourish

Compared with other marketing channels used today to reach the target audience, email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to capture consumers’ attention. A study showed that people are much more inclined to purchase products if they are marketed through email.

A recent report by DMA supports this finding, revealing that email receives 30 times return on investment on average. If your campaign doesn’t get the same or similar results, you do something wrong. In this article, we’re going to discuss five major reasons why your email marketing attempts may fail.

Sending too many or too few emails

When online stores offer email subscriptions services, they usually promise that customers will receive only relevant emails. But marketers hardly ever keep this promise. Shoppers are often almost buried under hundreds of newsletters they get within the first week or a month after the subscription. It’s a wrong tactic as excessive emails count among major reasons for unsubscribing from a promotional mailing list.

Sending too few emails won’t do you a good turn too. Signing up for email updates shoppers show you that they want to hear from your store. If they don’t, they will unsubscribe soon. You may employ an automated email sending solution like Abandoned Cart Emails Pro for Magento 2 to send marketing copies to subscribers in a timely manner.

Wrong target audience

Having a full understanding of the audience is a crucial part of the successful marketing campaign. If you don’t have it, you’ll lose the game. Do your best to learn who your subscribers are and what they need and expect at each stage of their interaction with you.

Econsultancy found out that mail list segmentation is the highest priority for email marketing campaigns but still only a small number of businesses use this technique today. To make segmentation easier, you may ask new subscribers to pick the kind of information (e.g., discounts) they want to receive.

Poor email design

Working on a design for your email, it’s vital to ensure that it will be displayed correctly, irrespective of the devices your subscribers are using. The statistics say that more than 71% of users immediately delete emails which are not displayed as intended.

Pay special attention to making your copy mobile-friendly since most email opens occur on mobile. Decide on the text-images balance. You may experiment with your own designs or make use of the 80:20 text to image ratio recommended by MailChimp.

Bad marketing copy

A good marketing copy starts with a great subject line. Written poorly, it won’t pique people’s interest and they will never open the email. Check out this article for the most effective subject lines.

Make sure to use the actional language in your emails and personalization whenever possible. Show subscribers that the email comes from a real person by adding a real (or fictional) name, surname and including a photo if possible. A no-reply or generic return address is also a bad idea as it doesn’t look trustworthy. Try to be brief and focus on benefits rather than on features.

Sending emails to inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers can become a much bigger problem than you think. Up to 75% of your subscribers may be inactive, meaning that they are not engaging with the marketing content you provide. Email service providers (e.g, Google) may flag your emails as spam or junk because of hundreds or even thousands of unopened emails in boxes of such users.

Remove these subscribers from your list.  But first you may try to re-engage them. For instance, by sending such customers a special goodbye email or offering a discount to people who hit the ‘unsubscribe’ link in the email. 

Wrapping up

Though marketing is constantly evolving to fit companies’ needs, email marketing remains one of the most reliable approaches to winning more sales. In this article, we covered some most common email marketing mistakes made by marketers. Take them into account, and you’ll ace this powerful tactic.


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