Aitoc Custom Product Designer for Magento 2. Upgraded

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A redesigned edition of Magento 2 Custom Product Designer has arrived!

At Aitoc, we focus on continuous improvement and evolvement to stay on the edge of innovation and deliver comprehensive, highly effective solutions to our customers. With that in mind, we have completely upgraded the user interface of Magento 2 Custom Product Designer, one of our most popular extensions.

A great user interface and ease of use are amongst the most important aspects affecting customer’s satisfaction with a store’s services. For the new Custom Product Designer, we created a simple and sleek, yet modern and visually appealing UI design that adheres to the best usability practices. We have upgraded the front-end part of the solution aiming to provide enhanced user experience for every buyer. Now, your potential customers will take pleasure from designing new products, same will do Magento administrators when configuring the system.

Custom Product Designer: Front-end

Online shoppers get the ultimate opportunity to give a personal touch to conventional products by adding unique designs to them. Be it an inspiring quote on a T-shirt or a branded logo on a textbook, customers can easily place any type of image or text on the products at your store. Customizing various items will become even more fun with the new Custom Product Designer!

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer 1

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer 2


Custom Product Designer: Back-end 

As for the back-end functionality, all the Custom Product Designer core features remained unchanged. So, with the help of the extension, store administrators will be able to:

  • Choose the products that can be customized
  • Configure special prices for customizable items
  • Upload a gallery of clip arts and fonts to be used by end-customers
  • Specify the number of customizable areas
  • Get print-ready files with created designs

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer Admin 1

Magento 2 Custom Product Designer Admin 2

Product personalization has become extremely popular today, allowing store owners to attract demanding customers and increase average purchase size. Hop on the bandwagon and get your Magento 2 Custom Product Designer today!


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