Aitoc Monthly Update: November

Aitoc Magento Extensions Updates November

What’s new in November

The winter has officially started, so Aitoc sums up the results achieved during the latest month of this autumn.

But before we get started with our Magento extensions updates, here is a piece of the latest industry news.

Just a couple of days ago a new Magento security patch was released! New versions – SUPEE-10415, Magento Commerce and Open Source – feature a range of considerable security improvements to protect Magento websites against external threats and vulnerabilities. Needless to say that the timely platform update is vital for ensuring the better security and performance of any online store. At Aitoc, we are all ready to assist you in shifting your Magento version to the latest one at minimum effort. Check out our Magento Upgrade Service for more information.

Now let us share the list of the new extensions’ features we’ve introduced. Even though it is not that long this time, the improvements are significant, in particular:

Custom Product Designer for M2

Released Nov 16, 2017 (Ver. 1.2.0)

  • Added possibility to reset all customization changes in one click;
  • Added preview thumbnails for product images;
  • Added loading screen for customization’s final saving process.
Dimensional Shipping for M2

Nov 20, 2017 (Ver. 1.0.2)

  • Performed code refactoring;
  • Improved the algorithm of box selection;
  • Fixed issues with packing of complex products (bundle, configurable);
  • Added a notification when boxes do not exist.
December is going to be full of new enhancements (and exciting news), so stay tuned!


Aitoc Team
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