Aitoc Monthly Update: April

Aitoc Monthly Update

What’s new in April

Hello friends! We are excited to report that April brought a lot of new releases and updates. Here’s what we have done:

Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2

Released April 4, 2018 (Version 1.0.0)

Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2 has approached initial release, yay! This module will help our customers keep their orders well-managed and organized. Redundant and test orders won’t be a problem anymore. Clean-up is automated and seamless with an easy cron job setup.

The first version was released April 4th and is already pretty amazing. We will be working hard to improve it even further during the following releases. In the meantime, you can learn more about it here.

Checkout Fields Manager for Magento 2

April 9, 2018 (Version 1.0.2)

We’ve improved the main grid of the module and also put in a lot of smaller fixes. Aitoc development team patched up a minor XSS vulnerability and tweaked the interface to make it more intuitive and easy to use. The new version will become faster and more secure.

  • Improved the main grid
  • Fixed an error that occurred when clicking Invoice and Ship in the Admin panel of some Magento installations
  • Fixed SOAP API error
  • Fixed an issue where customer address fields displayed their IDs instead of values on the checkout page after adding custom fields
  • Fixed a view order error
  • Fixed M2.2 Compilation issue
  • Fixed an attribute view issue CE 2.1.9
  • Fixed an issue where default field titles did not render correctly at checkout on the storefront
  • Removed the rarely used option System in Checkout Attributes grid
  • Fixed a number of errors that occurred when the extension was switched off
  • Fixed an incorrect validation issue with one of the values of a checkout field
  • Fixed an issue where additional checkout information was invisible in the My Orders section and in order details in the Admin panel
  • Patched up an XSS vulnerability
  • Fixed an issue with setup:upgrade CE 2.1.9
Custom Product Designer for Magento 2 

April 11, 2018 (Version 1.3.1)

Just a few bug fixes that will improve your user experience a bit:

  • Fixed zip archives with ready for print files. From now on the module will generate these files correctly in all cases
  • Fixed an issue where Cliparts and fonts grids were not working on Magento 2.1.2
Delete/Archive Orders for Magento 2

April 12, 2018 (Version 1.0.3)

  • Fixed an issue with Magento 2.2.3 compatibility
  • Added compatibility with Magento Commerce

We are already hard at work on our May releases so stay tuned for what’s around the corner! Subscribe to the weekly Aitoc newsletter to get the news faster.

Aitoc Team
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