Aitoc Monthly Update: October

Aitoc October Magento Extensions Update

Summing up the improvements and fixes made in October

Over the past month, Aitoc has been working hard on polishing our Magento modules up. Our team went all out to make our extensions fully compatible with Magento 2.2 version. And we are happy to announce that we’ve achieved it! Now Pre-Orders, Orders Export & Import, Advanced Permissions, Checkout Fields Manager, and Custom Product Designer can be installed on Magento 2.2!

Check out the full list of changes and enhancements we have introduced:

Checkout Fields Manager Magento 2

October 9, 2017 (ver. 1.0.1)

+ Added compatibility with Magento CE/EE 2.2.0

Custom Product Designer for Magento 2

October 20, 2017 (ver. 1.1.0)  

+ Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2

  • Added possibility to make required custom product design option;
  • Added possibility to deny distortion of objects;
  • Added possibility to restrict text length;
  • Improved fonts upload;
  • Improved clip arts upload;
  • Improved structure of downloadable archive;
  • Original images which are used for custom product design option now are added to downloadable archive;
  • Fixed the issue with setting ‘Customize your pictures and areas’ when there aren’t product image assigned to thumbnail role;
  • Fixed the issue with responsive design;
  • Fixed design issue for a product with custom option;
  • Fixed the issue with adding to the cart a product with empty custom product design option;
  • Fixed the issue with incorrect displaying overall price when it is enabled and set to 0;
  • Fixed the issue with duplicates of images in downloadable archive with custom product design when an order contains configurable product;
  • Fixed the issue with downloading the archive with custom product design from invoice or shipment page;
  • Fixed the issue with renaming of the button ‘Custom Product Design’;
  • Fixed the issue with image slider on mobile devices;
  • Fixed the issue with deleting of text object when editing in canvas;
  • Fixed the issue with intersection of printable areas;
  • Fixed the issue with distortion of printable area borders when resizing of printable area.
Advanced Permissions for Magento 2

October 26, 2017 (ver. 1.2.0)

  • Fixed an issue with scope on categories page;
  • Fixed an issue with a view of categories tree for sub-admins;
  • Fixed an issue with attribute saving by sub-admin;
  • Fixed an issue with online customers displaying;
  • Fixed an issue in DataProvider;
  • Fixed an issue with role deleting;
  • Fixed an issue with product editing by sub-admin when setting ‘Allow to update global attributes’ is ‘No’;
  • Fixed an issue with product assign to website when creating by sub-admin;
  • Fixed an issue with product assign to a category which not included in sub-admin scope;
  • Fixed an issue with unassign to website(s) when editing product by sub-admin;
  • Fixed an issue with customers restriction when placing order through the admin panel by sub-admin.
Orders Export and Import for Magento 2

Oct 27, 2017 (ver. 1.0.2)

+ Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2

Pre-Orders for Magento 2

October 31, 2017 (ver. 1.1.4)

+ Added compatibility with Magento Open Source 2.2

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