As we wrote in the previous post, we will be gradually making changes to our Pricing Policy.

Starting today, users who had purchased licenses that allow only a specific number of admins, products or stores, can get those limitations removed for their accounts for free.

Any Aitoc extension purchased after August 6, 2013 has no such restrictions. If you own one of those, you don’t have to do anything.

How things used to be

Previously, Aitoc extensions could cost more or less depending on one’s Magento needs:

  • the number of admins
  • the number of products
  • the number of Magento stores.

Over  a year ago, the Aitoc company changed its Pricing Policy and all licenses became fixed-price, that is, they were no longer dependent on one’s Magento specifics.

At the same time, old users who wanted to switch to the new system had to meet certain requirements to get their limitation removed for free. And this is not the case anymore.

Aitoc’s new Pricing Policy

Under our new Pricing Policy, users who still have limitation-imposing licenses can get restrictions removed for their licenses free of charge.

This means you get the same working extension as before, only it doesn’t have the type of limitations it used to have.

In order to get your license restrictions lifted, please submit a support ticket specifying your account email or your license ID/serial, and we’ll get back to you within a reasonable time-period.

To make the switch, we’ll need access to your Magento admin panel and FTP, so you can provide those upfront, if you wish.

Using an old extension version?

If you’d like to update your Aitoc extension to the latest version, you can do so with a 25% discount offered to recurring customers. By buying discounted updates you also get:

  • 6 months of free extension updates
  • 30 minutes of premium support
  • a working license with no restrictions!

To get the discount, write an email to our support specifying your registration details ( account email or license ID/serial), and we’ll give you 25% off your license update.


Update at 25% Off


Have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know in comments!