Guarding Baby Sleep: Aitoc Team Received Bubblebubs Nappies!

Bubblebubs Modern Cloth Nappies blog cover

We are always excited to have an awesome relationship with our customers. It’s great to see them move forward and succeed!

Vicki Simpson, our long-term customer and the founder of Bubblebubs modern cloth nappies, sent us a set of her highly acclaimed nappies.

Here They Are!


Yep. They are really as soft and nice to the touch as Bubblebubs claims!

Our married team members were of course truly excited. 🙂

We’ve made this journey together with Bubblebubs, and we are grateful for this. Working on the store has been an exciting experience for us as a team, we enjoyed helping it develop and grow.

Thanks, Bubblebubs!

Aitoc Team
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