#Beergento Thursday Recap: Delicious Beer and Magento 2 Convos

beergento thursday recap - magento 2 meetup

In Belarus, the density of Magento companies per square meter is really high. This Eastern European country is home to such well-known Magento extension providers as aheadWorks, Amasty, MageWorx, WebTex, BelVG, and your humble hosts – Aitoc.

Hence, it was only logical to hold a Magento 2-related event in a place from which so many solutions for this eCommerce platform have originated.

#Beergento Thursday: the Recap

1. To get the conversation started, Leonid Tomashevsky and Viltaliy Charnou of Aitoc talk about the inner workings of Magento 2 checkout (LayoutProcessor, DataProvider), using modifiers and UI components.

In this picture (left to right) Leonid Tomashevsky, Vitaliy Charnou of Aitoc

Left to right: Leonid Tomashevsky, Vitaliy Charnou of Aitoc

2. Yakov Borsch of Mageworx is spilling some Knockout JS wisdom.


Left to right: Anton Romanenko and Vitaliy Plisko of Aitoc, Yakov Borsch of Mageworx and Stanislav Golodov of aheadWorks.


Left to right: Vitaly Gonkov and Yakov Borsch of Mageworx.

3. Alexander Martinkevich talks about the pains and gains of developing for Magento 2.

Left to right: Hleb Leushunou of Aitoc, Alexander Martinkevich of Mageworx.

Left to right: Alexander Kaigorodov of UNL IT Solutions, Hleb Leushunou of Aitoc, Alexander Martinkevich of Mageworx.


Left to right: Alexander Dudin of WebTex, Alexander Martinkevich of MageWorx, Leonid Tomashevsky & Vitaliy Charnou of Aitoc.

OK, this was the first-ever #Beergento gathering on Belarusian soil. The Aitoc team is looking forward to the next one – are you? Stay in touch and see you next time!
Aitoc Team
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