Best Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement on Your Ecommerce Website

Fuel customer engagement to turn clients into your brand advocates

With the intensifying competition in the ecommerce field, business owners strive to stay afloat. Attracting visitors to the online store is only the first step towards turning a shopper into a real customer.

Forward-thinking ecommerce store owners understand the importance of customer engagement and explore all avenues to boost it. Unlike shoppers, customers who are truly engaged with the brand become its enthusiastic advocates.

In this article, we’re going to share with you some great strategies for increasing customer engagement on an ecommerce website.

Focus on User Experience

A great user experience can drive customer engagement. So take all the necessary steps to make it work for your store:

  • Ensure that site navigation simple and intuitive.
  • Make search simple and display the search box on all the pages.
  • Enable guest checkout. In Magento, you can do that right in the store’s settings in the Admin panel.
  • Implement one-page checkout to make it easier for shoppers to place the order.
  • Offer a variety of payment methods to allow clients use their favorite method.

Optimize the Store for Mobile

Mobile shopping becomes increasingly popular. In the U.S., for instance, more consumers prefer doing their holiday shopping on mobile rather than on desktop. To delight mobile customers, optimize the website for mobile.

You can achieve that by either implementing the responsive web design (by the way, it’s preferred by Google) or opting for a separate mobile version of the web store. By default, Magento has a responsive theme. If you going to use another one, double-check that it’s responsive too.

Make Use of Product Videos

Videos are a powerful marketing tool. A study shows that purchasing decisions of most consumers are directly impacted by videos. Remember that engaging product videos are the best friend of your brand.

Shoot product videos that shoppers will like and add them to the store’s pages.

It’s also a bright idea to create other versions of each video for your social media pages by taking into account user preferences.

Let Customer Share Their Experiences with Your Products

When it comes to the online business, online customers reviews play a pivotal role. 9 in 10 consumers read reviews written by other users before accessing a web store. It means that enabling clients to communicate with the brand through product reviews and ratings helps the e-business drive customer engagement.

Being one of the best ecommerce platforms, Magento has the customer review functionality by default. Magento store admins can moderate reviews by approving and rejecting them. They may even enable guest reviews for unregistered users. To prompt your Magento customers to leave more reviews, you can leverage Product Reviews & Ratings, an extension for Magento.

Take Advantage of Social Media

In 2017, there were approximately 2.5 billion social media users across the globe. There’s proven evidence that social media influences purchasing decisions. Why don’t you reach out to this audience?

As being active in social media is of paramount importance for ecommerce businesses, you may employ an effective social media strategy like the ones described in this article. Adding social media buttons to product pages can also help the store to boost engagement by encouraging online visitors to share their favorite products with others.

Add Live Chat to Your Store

Consumers prefer live chats as a customer service channel. With a live chat solution, you can answer users’ questions on the spot and in real time, this way providing customers with the satisfaction they are seeking.

Live chats are helpful in many ways. For instance, they eliminate doubts and fears and deliver a positive “post-service” experience. There are many paid and free live chat products that your store can use.

Summing Up

Customer engagement is the secret of the ecommerce success. Brands increasingly put effort into engaging clients with them. They are looking for the ways to use to connect with consumers. In this article, we described some successful strategies for fueling customer engagement. What strategies does you brand use? Share them with us in comments.

Aitoc Team
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