How to Capitalize on Online Customer Reviews

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Harness the power of customer reviews

There is no doubt that online customers have become extremely well-informed and detail-oriented today. Just imagine a situation: you want to buy a new TV. It is hardly possible that you will go straightway to the store and get the first one available. Most likely, you will spend an entire evening, if not a couple of days, browsing through product descriptions, comparing prices and, of course, reading customer reviews. This customer behavior pattern is applicable to any product, starting from grocery and household chemicals to home appliances and cars.

When it comes to ecommerce, online product reviews and ratings have a huge impact on customer purchase decisions, either making or breaking the retailer’s sales. Statistics speak for themselves: 97% of buyers read online reviews for local businesses. It means that almost all customers turn to reviews prior to making a purchase. Apart from that, 85% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We tend to trust other people’s experiences and feedback and make our own decisions based on that. That is said, online product reviews are everything to a modern ecommerce store owner.

What benefits can customer reviews provide?

Proven sales boosters, customer reviews bring an astonishing range of benefits to online merchants. Online reviews bring customers with the trustworthy information they require to make the purchase. This way they allow promoting products and increasing sales. Other advantages customer reviews provide also include:

● Valuable market insights

Quality marketing research requires enormous efforts, both time and budget. So it can be quite challenging for an ecommerce business owner to conduct one. In such a case, customer reviews are a perfect low-cost market research and analysis tool. Learning what customers say about your products and services, you can adjust your business development strategy to their needs. Customer feedback helps to identify improvement opportunities and learn customer expectations. As a result, you will get a better understanding of the target audience and ways of attracting it.

● Customer loyalty enhancement

The way you communicate with your customers directly affects their loyalty and trust in your brand. You can establish a straightforward communication channel and stay connected with your buyers if you actively work with their reviews. By instantly responding to customer issues and concerns or thanking them for the positive feedback in the comments or via email, you will create and support a positive brand image. Thus, it will help you to provide a great customer experience and encourage buyers to continue shopping at your store in the future.

Improved rankings and web traffic

The majority of marketing managers strive to get relevant and regularly updated content for their websites since it has a strong impact on SEO. Rather than relying solely on unique product descriptions and info pages, forward-thinking ecommerce owners can benefit from the user-generated content. When published on a website, new customer reviews contribute to its higher ranking in the search results and so allow to attract more traffic. Consequently, this results in improved conversion rates, increasing your customer base and sales.

How to Encourage Customers to Review Your Products?


Customer ratings

All the above-mentioned benefits make customer reviews a powerful sales driver tool that helps attract new prospects and customers and skyrocket ecommerce businesses’ revenue. But what can you do to get unique reviews of your products? How to make online reviews work for your marketing strategy? Some of the customers are leery about leaving their feedback on the store’s website. Luckily, there is an effective way to encourage customers to write a couple of words about the purchased goods.

There’s nothing wrong with asking directly your customers to review products – just be kind and unobtrusive when doing that. Email requests have proved to be a great technique to encourage customers to leave reviews in this case.

Send out a personalized email with a kind request to leave a review or rank a product the customer purchased. Add a direct link or a special form into your email to make it simple for the customer to head over to the website and publish the review. You can implement that easily with the help of specialized tools like Product Reviews & Ratings for Magento 2. To spark the interest of customers even more, offer them rewards for leaving reviews. Even the smallest intencive can motivate your buyers to write a couple of words about the purchased items. You can include a coupon code, a discount or any other special offer to your email. Be sure, that will help you get more reviews published on your website and so benefit from all the opportunities they provide.

Final words

Word-of-mouth has been one of the most effective marketing techniques for ages, and it continues to have a great influence on today’s market. With traditional customer acquisition techniques becoming ineffective and rather expensive, online customer reviews can turn into a fantastic leverage for your sales strategy. We hope that this post will help you get the idea of how to make the most out of customer reviews.

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