How to Configure Coupon Codes in Magento

Managing Magento coupon codes

Easily set up Magento coupon codes with Aitoc’s tutorial

The advent of the Internet set the stage for ecommerce that brought new opportunities for retailers. By launching an online store, merchants boost their chances to grow the customer base and increase their revenue by reaching potential clients in different corners of the world.

Coupons are a proven way of grabbing shoppers’ attention and enticing them to make a purchase. The statistics show that coupon code users spend 24% more than regular shoppers. Besides, modern customers recognize the substantial impact of coupons on their purchasing decisions.

Magento store managers leverage the functionality of this ecommerce platform by launching coupon campaigns. We’ve prepared a detailed guide to help Magento users properly set up their coupon codes.

Configuring Coupon Settings in Magento

To configure default coupon settings, Magento 2 store admins need to access the admin panel and navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration. On the Configuration page, head over to Customers > Promotions.

If you have a Magento 1 installation, go to System > Configuration > Customers > Promotions.

You can manage the settings by entering necessary figures, choosing different options and/or using system values. Click ‘Save Config’ to save the changes.

Creating Coupons in Magento

To embark on the coupon marketing, you need to access the Cart Price Rules page and create a new rule or edit the existing one.

Check out our previous tutorial to find out how to create new rules in detail.

Select the ‘Specific Coupon’ option on the Cart Rule Page to enable coupons for the given rule.

You can set a specific code for the rule or use the auto generation functionality to produce different codes. Make sure to identify would-be-available uses per coupon and per customer.

Choose the promotion’s dates, add required conditions and actions, and hit the ‘Save and Continue Edit’ button to continue.

To use the auto generation option, proceed to the ‘Manage Coupon Codes’ section and configure coupon settings. Enter the required coupon quantity, its length and format, specify the code prefix and suffix, and set the number of characters between dashes. Once you are done, click the ‘Generate’ button to create coupons.

In a few seconds, you will see the table with the coupon codes at the bottom of the page. That’s it! Now you can export the codes to CSV and Excel XML file formats if you need.

Use the table to learn whether customers used coupons and for how many times they applied each coupon.

Applying a Coupon Code

This is how the order summary on the checkout page looks like before the coupon is applied.

To activate the coupon code, shoppers must copy and paste it into the specified field and hit the ‘Apply Discount’ button.

Once the client puts the code into use, the order summary changes as follows:

Getting Report Usage Data

The default Magento functionality allows store admins to access all the necessary coupon usage statistics from a single location by navigating to Reports > Sales > Coupons in the admin panel.

Choose required filters on the Coupons Report page and hit the ‘Show Report’ button to access the coupon usage data. 

You can export the report to CSV and Excel XML file formats.

Coupon Code Usage Tips

Coupon codes can be applied in different ways. Feel free to consider these creative ideas:

  • Use codes in abandoned cart alerts to recover your lost sales.
  • Offer discount codes to first-time customers. 
  • Give discounts to your best clients and partners.
  • Reward loyal social media fans with one-time discounts.
  • Launch holiday season promotional campaigns for regular customers.


Coupons are an effective marketing strategy used by both brick-and-mortar and online merchants. The default Magento functionality allows online store admins to easily create coupons for their marketing campaigns. Avail yourself of our guide to properly configure coupon codes in your Magento installation.

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