Corporate Items Branding with Magento Custom Product Designer


Corporate Items Branding with Custom Product Designer for Magento

As marketing technologies grow increasingly powerful, marketers have to invent new ways of breaking through the clutter. Branded items have stood the test of time, as they cannot be deleted by hitting the Delete key in an email box. The usage of such products helps businesses to build a stronger connection with existing clients and lure prospective customers to choose them.

According to a report by ASI, advertising specialties are less expensive than other forms of adverting. And the tendency to keep these items attests people’s inclination towards liking them. To put it shortly, such items will always be in demand.

Why don’t you join this profitable business by allowing customers to customize your products right in the store? When a custom product design is required, the negotiation between your representative and the client may take quite a lot of time, as your visions of the final product may differ. But you will not have to wait too long for a decision if customers are directly involved in the design process.

Aitoc’s Custom Product Designer (CPD) grants Magento store visitors a chance to create customized items by themselves by applying different fonts, images, and other elements. With this extension installed, your clients will be able to create their own designs to turn conventional products into branded items

We are going to guide you through the functional capabilities of the extension. But let’s take a look at its settings first. As soon as you install the extension, go to your Magento admin panel to enable it. Then you can proceed with creating custom products.

Custom Product Designer Tutorial

Select products that can be customized by shoppers in the Catalog (T-shirts, drinkware, desk accessories, etc.) and enable Custom Product Design in their settings. 

Enabling CPD

What’s next? Click on the product to choose printable areas that clients can edit and set as many printable areas as you want.

Here is how the printable area selection works:

Selecting Printable Areas

You can also set special prices for products with a custom design.

What are Other Useful Features?

• Uploading font families to allow users to create custom textual content

• Adding images and clip arts and grouping them into categories

• Downloading print-ready source files (in the SVG format) after the order is placed

Print-ready files

Front-end Features

The product page will alter insignificantly after you enable CPD in its settings.

CPD Front-end

By clicking the CPD button clients are transferred to the Editor tab. There they can view editable areas that can be customized by adding text, images and clip arts. 


Product Customization


When it comes to branding, it is vital for customers to have an opportunity to utilize their logos. CPD is a perfect tool in this case: customers can upload their logos, corporate fonts and any other images and use them to create branded items: pens, T-shirts, mugs, bags, and so on.

What Exactly Can Customers Do?

• Add shadows to objects

• Flip clip arts and images horizontally and/or vertically

• Format text objects by changing their color, font, size, etc.

• Rotate, resize, and bring objects to the front or back

CPD features

Once the custom design is ready, customers can order the amount of the product they need. The process is the same as in any Magento 2 store.


Now you know how Custom Product Designer by Aitoc works. Leverage this extension to offer your clients an unforgettable shopping experience. Allow them to be designers and turn you default prints into custom advertising specialties and corporate items with CDP.

Aitoc Team
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