Creating a Product Landing Page that Converts: Top Tips and Best Examples

Craft an effective product landing page to skyrocket your sales

More and more people are choosing online shopping as a more convenient and time-saving way to get their hands on the desired products. Though the number of online shoppers is constantly growing, the competition among ecommerce businesses is not becoming less intense. Vice versa, hundreds of online stores are launched each month, as their owners are desperately trying to jump on the bandwagon.

To stay competitive in the marketplace and not to lag behind others, ecommerce store owners have started to adopt different tactics to improve conversion rates, creating landing pages that can sell is one of themBut crafting an effective product page is easier said than done. In this article, we’re going to give you some advice on how to produce a high converting product page.

Place Images on the Page

Visual content is a critical component of a successful landing page. A study shows that one picture is worth 60,000 words. Using killer images on the page is your chance to prompt shoppers to make a purchase at your store.

When selecting visual content for the page, pay attention to the following things:

  • High-quality images look more appealing than others
  • No stock images. Use unique images or product photos
  • Make sure that images are large enough. Large images improve conversion rates
  • Enable zooming if possible
  • Let prospects see the item from different angles. Think of using 3D images
  • Use videos to show how the product looks like in real life. Product videos can increase your revenue

Evoke Customer Feelings

Textual content is very important not only for SEO. Utilize it to make shoppers understand that they cannot leave the page without hitting the ‘add to cart’ button. Non-intrusively describe the benefits of having the product you offer. But avoid going into detail. Users hate too long descriptions.

Pay special attention to the emotional side of the human nature. For instance, demonstrate customers that you sell not just a suit of a well-known brand but also trendiness and respect.

Leverage Client Reviews

Testimonials are one of the essential trust signals that a landing page can have. When it comes to a product landing page, we recommend using reviews of real people instead of celebrities, fashion gurus, and other experts. Reviews (positive ones, in particular) come in handy in one more way, as consumers tend to read them before taking a decision about the purchase.

In Magento, for example, the customer review feature can be configured from the admin panel. And to let customers be even more descriptive in their reviews, you can install the Product Reviews & Ratings extension to enable image upload.

Give Shoppers a Guarantee

Avid online shoppers won’t miss a guarantee (regardless of what), as they feel reassured by seeing it. So if you want to pique the curiosity of consumers who landed on your product page, add information about the guarantee you provide (e.g. a 30-day money back one) to the page. This small piece of text will certainly help you improve the likelihood of a conversion.

Enable a Wish List

Sometimes consumers stumble upon attractive offers when they simply surf the Internet. If users were not searching for the product before visiting its page, they would definitely want to save the product for later.

Clients won’t bother creating a separate bookmark for the product page, but adding the item to the wish list is a no-brainer. By allowing shoppers to add products to the wish list, you boost your chances to see them again at your web store. You may also let users create gift registries right in your store.

Display Out-of-Stock Items

When customers come to your store they want to get the product they are looking for. Show consumers that you care about their needs by allowing them to get notified when out-of-stock items are again available or offering them to pre-order such products in advance.

By providing the subscription to back-in-stock notifications or the item pre-ordering service, you will build trust with your existing and potential clients, and therefore increase conversions and grow your sales.

Summing Up

A product landing page can become a secret sauce of a thriving online store by instantly catching consumers’ eye and transforming prospects into regular customers. We’ve shared with you some great tips on how to create a high-converting product landing page. What tricks do you use to nudge your store visitors into buying? Share them with us in comments.


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