Excellent custom products with this extension for #Magento 1 [Update]

Yep, it happened. Your prayers were heard. We have released a magnificent long awaited update for the Custom Product Preview. It includes such a great amount of new exciting features and has such an amazing front-end design that we feel like it is a new extension, which by a coincidence has the same name (oops, how could that happen?).

Earlier Custom Product Preview was a Magento extension which let buyers personalize goods by adding images and text as well as using shape masks and other tools. Now its functionality extends way beyond these features, enabling your customers to create masterpieces in no time.

Besides an incredibly user-friendly interface, the updated extension provides customers with an extremely broad range of custom options. Admins could change the look of the editor in a number of ways as well as create custom options faster using mass assign option. Copy custom options from one product to another in a flash. Seriously, it is THAT fast.

Bringing the most pleasant user experience practices to the table, we have changed the design of the editor (both pop-up and on-page modes). The popup editor is now responsive, which makes Custom Product Preview accessible and usable on any device. Respecting your perfectionism, we added a possibility for admins to scale product image shown in the popup editor.

While text editor in previous versions contained all the necessary features for full-fledged text editing, in a new version we added a ‘Font families’ section to separate such categories as font type and font style from each other. Now instead of wading through a list of related and non-related fonts, a customer chooses a font family and then decides whether the font should be regular, bold, italic or hairline. Logic is our second name;)

A customer can choose to make text curve at the desired angle in order to match the shape of the product or just for pure design purposes.

The extension could be useful for any kind of store. Even if you have a design boutique selling geometric minimalist lamps and might have doubts on whether any additional design would seem tasteless on them. Take advantage of our Black & White feature which enables the transformation of a design of any color into black & white. Your visitors will be able to create individual design while preserving the minimalist style of your products and zen wiIl be saved.

Social media junkies will largely appreciate if you let them take advantage of design they have already created or marked as their favorite on social media. Let your buyers upload their personal pictures from Instagram and Pinterest using Custom Product Preview and their love (and likes) will be guaranteed.

Convinced to buy? Remember that with the extension you get a 30-day money back guarantee, free email support for life and 6 months of free updates.

Do you want to take a look at the full list of features? Go here to get a comprehensive description of its functionality.

Aitoc Team
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