Extension Update: Orders Export and Import for Magento 2

Orders Export and Import for Magento 2

The upgraded extension to streamline orders export and import at Magento 2 stores

There are no online store owners who haven’t dealt with orders export and import. As the amount of sales grows, the number of order records increases accordingly, bringing more and more data files to your storages. Handling this data is a process all Magento store admins are used to, but each one of them, we bet, is secretly hoping to make it as easy and quick as possible. And here’s where Magento extensions come to play!

We launched our first Orders Export and Import extension for Magento long ago and it has proved to be extremely useful and popular among our clients. But the sky is the limit, so it was high time for us to polish the extension up and enhance its functionality. And we’ve made it!

Magento 2 Orders Export & Import. Revamped

Aitoc team is proud to introduce our new, completely transformed edition of Magento 2 Orders Export and Import! We have optimized its performance and fixed all the bugs, even the minor ones, to ensure its seamless and fast operation in any browser.

The new version boasts a pool of new features and handy settings that will help online merchants to export and import order data even faster and way more effectively. For instance:

  • Compatibility with large data files allowing to export/import large (huge!) amounts of order data files in one take
  • Ability to transfer orders from and to legacy ecommerce platforms (Magento 1, WooCommerce or Shopify)
  • Automated user account creation based on order billing information
  • Error Log for import operation to instantly detect any failures during the importing process and introduce necessary corrections
  • Error Log storage limit to prevent the log from taking too much space on the server
  • Bulk Export-Import count to work on slower servers
  • GDPR compliance as the extension doesn’t store any private customer information

The upgraded Magento 2 Orders Export & Import is all ready to surprise you with its handy functionality and outstanding performance. Get the extension now and explore its capabilities!



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Aitoc Team
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