Extensions by Aitoc Compatible with Magento / SUPEE-6788 (Updated)

Extensions compatible with Magento


The SUPEE-6788 patch released in Magento has made some extensions and customizations inaccessible. The issue is not limited to a particular extension developer, but affects a wide range of solutions.

Here at Aitoc we have been updating our extensions to make them work smoothly with SUPEE-6788. Below please find a full list of Magento plugins (if some extension(s) is missing from the list, it will be, most likely, added in a few days’ time):

1. Custom Products Preview

2. Multi-Location Inventory

3. Pre-Orders

4. One-Page Checkout Booster

5. Configurable Checkout

6. Shopping Cart Editor

7. Full Page Cache Magento Booster 

8. Product Units and Quantities

9. True AJAX Navigation Filter

10. Shopping Assistant

11. Advanced Permissions

12. Visualize Your Attributes – Color Swatch

13. Custom Options Templates

14. Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro

15. Checkout Fields Manager

16. Gift Registry

17. Delivery Date Plus

18. Orders Export and Import

19. Reviews Booster

20. Layered Navigation Pro

21. Shop by Brands

22. Cost Based Pricing

23. Smart Reports

24. Custom Options for Grouped Products

25. Admin Email Notifications

26. Front-End Editor

27. Custom Order Number Pro

28. Extra Fee / Gift Wrap

29. Useful Downloads

30. Configurable Products Pro

31. Product Matrix

32. Custom Registration Fields

33. One-Step Checkout Manager

34. vBulletin Integration

35. Server Load Monitor 

36. Server Load Monitor (Free) 

37. Customers Who Purchased

38. Loyalty Program

39. Individual Promotions

40. Recurring Purchase Assistant

41. Email Templates Manager

42. Enhanced Order Filter 

43. Splash Page

Aitoc Team
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