Get reviews faster with Review Booster for Magento 2.1

Review Booster for Magento 2.1 Release

Nowadays online reviews are real power. The most detailed product descriptions still could not compare with the traditional word of mouth. According to several researches nearly 97% of consumers read online reviews and 90% claim that positive reviews have definitely influenced their purchasing decision. That being said, providing your clients with the ability to leave feedback helps you to build trust with them and attract new customers, which is a direct result of prevalence of positive reviews of your products.

Review Booster for Magento 2 is a multifunctional extension created specifically for store owners struggling to receive more reviews for the goods they are selling. We’ve added some really useful features recently, and we are happy to share this information with you.

Given our extensive knowledge of Magento, we know that not only customers should be able to leave reviews, the review form itself should be informative and let customers describe all the pros and cons of the product. Some users are very largely involved in the reviewing process and prefer to give complex and meticulous descriptions of their consumer experience. Let them attach images of the product to their reviews and they will be more than happy to share their opinions.

Our extension is a tool which lets them create those detailed customer reviews. Moreover, it creates a visual representation of the review statistics – a graphical chart, accumulating public opinion on certain products. It demonstrates how many people voted for the product and what is the distribution of their opinions across the scale between ‘Poor’ and ‘Excellent’. Ultimately the good rating of public reviews helps an occasional visitor become a buyer, even if he had doubts before taking a look at the reviews.

Some buyers prefer posting reviews anonymously. If there are still good reviews, you don’t want to miss them, do you? The latest version of our module embraces this functionality, extending the number of customers willing to leave their comments.

So what is the motivation of shoppers to give feedback? Giving reviews is an unpopular activity and people tend to forget about it a lot. As soon as it demands time and effort, many store owners choose to reward their clients by giving them a discount. Review Booster allows admins to add discounts to review reminders which largely increases the quantity of reviews. To motivate buyers write their reviews faster, you could customize the period during which the discount will be valid.

If you have more than one customer group, it’s very likely that some of these groups never leave comments, like ‘Wholesalers’ for example. Excluding these groups from the Reminders List will give you a guarantee that you do not send pointless emails to an irrelevant group.

You could change the status of reminders from ‘Pending’, putting them on hold and vice versa, so you are in full control of your feedback strategy.

The extension comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and free email support for life. 6 months of free updates are also in the package.

You could take a look at the full list of features of Review Booster at

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