Hire Magento eCommerce developers to solve all your technical problems at once!

If you’re a merchant dealing with business development issues 24/7, it might be very difficult to maintain a high technical level of your Magento store without proper assistance. At the same time, you don’t see much sense in keeping a permanent technical team, because you simply can’t provide full-time employment for them! Should you hire Magento eCommerce developers or shouldn’t you do this? That is the question.

A dilemma vividly reveals itself when some technical sh*t happens in your store and no one could help you right away. And if you start searching for developers and dedicate too much of your time to this activity, other business issues will most probably suffer.

Another bad thing that this string of minor technical defects is never-ending. It keeps piling up until you get together and start acting on it. Hiring developers is a necessary, but generally very hectic activity. On the other hand, when the sky is falling down, you will do anything to stop that, won’t you?

Going for freelancers or hire Magento eCommerce developers as a team?

If you decide to stop the fall down by using the muscle power of freelancers, prepare yourself for a long and exhaustive journey. It’s a very time-consuming activity, especially if you are “blindly” looking for them without proper referrals and recommendations. And remember that even if you got lucky and found a skillful Magento developer, his skills are still limited. If you have web design tasks, you will have to look for a designer as well. Jacks-of-all-trades exist only in fairytales.

Ouch! All over again? You’ve just managed to find the developer! Don’t you think that this activity already takes too much time and efforts? Now imagine how much time the management of future tasks will consume.

Plenty of our clients got tired of the constant search of numerous freelancers and chose us as their universal Magento team to save time and boost efficiency right away.

Besides developing custom solutions, we have consistently supported our 100+ Magento extensions for over than 8 years, so plenty of references from our clients prove our diverse expertise. 

We are a self-sufficient team and could tackle any kind of tasks, regarding the following fields:

  • administration
  • development
  • design
  • prototyping
  • quality assurance

We simplified the process by creating a service which introduces a flexible system of task assignment. Practically this service empowers you to hire Magento eCommerce developers buying a support package. You could choose team members whose expertise you will need in the following month.

Ensure high-quality support of your store

For example, if this month you plan to hire Magento eCommerce developers who could make some server configurations, you should buy a support package, describe specifics of the task to our project manager and get back to your business issues, being sure that our admins will take care of your task.

Bring your next idea to life fast and efficiently

Next month you might want to design a new landing page. In this case, a team of a web developer, a designer, and a QA engineer would be of use. We’ll pick an appropriate team for you and assign tasks to them within the pre-paid time scope.

See? Easy as pie! You just prepare precise task descriptions and put a reminder to buy a support package every month to ensure continuous work.

Keep in mind that at the end of the billing cycle the number of hours left is reset to zero. We carefully plan our workload. The permission to carry over unused time to the next billing cycle will mess up our schedule and make harm to all of our clients.

N.B. If you have been a loyal fan of agency-style support long enough to understand all its advantages, we think that you will be more than satisfied with the quality of our team Magento service.

You could buy a 20, 50 or 100-hour service package depending on the amount of work you have. To learn more about all the perks, go to the service page.

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