5 Ways to Increase Online Sales This Mother’s Day

5 Ways to Increase Online Sales This Mother's Day

Ready to rock the second-largest gifting event of the year?

On May the 10th, people in USA, Australia, China, Brasil, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and other countries will celebrate Mother’s Day. This is the second-largest gifting event after Christmas, and many folks will be looking for presents to those who gave them the biggest gift ever – the gift of life.

Here is how you can cater to your Magento store audiences in the most effective manner and increase your Mother’s Day sales.

1. Create a separate category for Mother’s Day deals

For your shoppers’ convenience (and your own sanity’s sake), it’s best to create a separate category for Mother’s Day products. You can add it to the top navigation menu or simply link to it from the homepage:

Mothers day sales

Remember to use relevant keywords in the URL key, the title and the meta description of your category – this will increase the odds of your category page showing up higher on Google for respective queries.

To get a preview of what your category page will look like in Google’s search results, you can use a free online tool by Web Advantage.

Web Advantage

By the way, to provide an even smoother browsing experience for your customers, consider using Layered Navigation Pro on your site. This extension for Magento will let your visitors apply multiple filters at once and will prevent the page from reloading each time a new filter is applied.

Layered Navigation

2. Let them see delivery options at a glance

For holiday shoppers, understanding when their gifts can be delivered is key. Hence, it is a good idea to add “Order by” or “Same day delivery” messages to applicable products.

Delivery options

Making this little tweak might be the reason customers buy from you instead of your competitors this season.

3. Highlight popular choices

To save your customers shopping-related stress, it might be a good idea to highlight popular choices, related products or featured items on your Mother’s Day category page.

For example, here is how Macy’s has coped with the task this year:

Highlight popular choices


4. Offer DIY and customization options

Many people appreciate made-to-order gifts such as personalized phone cases, custom-signed T-shirts, etc. If your store sells products that can be personalized, consider allowing your customers to preview the modified product while shopping.

How do you do this? It’s easy. By using the Custom Product Preview for Magento, you let people apply their own images or text to merchandise, use clipart, change the size of their custom elements or move them around before placing the order.

Offer DIY and customization options

5. Go an extra mile – with ease

Presents are not just any type of merchandise – presentation is nearly as important as the present itself.

You can spare your customers the need to wrap presents last-minute by letting them buy from you along with the gift. And, you can easily charge extra for gift handling using the Extra Fee extension for Magento.

Go an extra mile - with ease

This extension adds an extra checkbox to the checkout page such as “Gift Wrap” or “Express Delivery”, for example. The module allows you to specify a fixed fee or a percentage-based fee for an extra service.

Get the tools to revamp your store before Mother’s Day!

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