Join us on this historic #Magento 2.0 discussion @github

Magento 2 discussion

A few days ago, we raised a question that had evoked many heated discussions within the Magento community in the past:

Should extension developers add own menus to Magento admin panel?

In part, we asked this in the light of upcoming Magento 2.0 GA release, and also because we have seen quite a few developers discussing this  on their blogs, and elsewhere.

Community feedback is key

Several people are already involved in the discussion we started on GitHub, including a representative of the Magento 2.0 team. At the same time, the more people voice their opinion, the higher the likelihood that the collective voice of the community will be heard.

We do hope Magento will lead the way and come up with a best practice that would make third-party extension menus standardized and more convenient (and less annoying) for the Magento admins to use.

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