New in Full Page Cache for Magento 1.x: Smarter Cache Warmup and Better Debug Tool


We have revamped the two components that make Full Page Cache for Magento so awesome: the Cache Warmup module and the Cache Debug tool.

Here is the description of the features you get.

Magento Cache Warmup, Controlled by You

Cache Warmup is the feature that so many users of Full Page Cache find useful. When it’s enabled, your Magento store visitors get served cached pages even when they visit your site for the first time.

For correct Cache Warmup operation, Cron should be properly configured in your Magento. You can configure the number of pages cached by Cron at a time in System > Configuration > Advanced > Magento Booster.

In addition, you now also have these controls in Cache Warmup.

  • Pausing, continuing and restarting warmup

In System > Cache Management, you can now do the following with Cache Warmup:

  1. Pause caching
  2. Continue caching
  3. Restarted caching
  4. Cancel caching by flushing Cache

Magento full page cache extension

  • Viewing  warmup progress and status

Respectively, you will see one of the following statuses:

  1. Warmup in progress
  2. All pages cached
  3. Pages not cached

Magento Full Page Cache by Aitoc

Cache Debug: Flexibility at Your Fingertips

The Cache Debug tool incorporated in Full Page Cache for Magento allows the admin to test caching on the front-end. When it is active, a bright yellow bar appears at the top of each page, informing one whether the page has been loaded from cache in each instance.

And there are additional features you now get.

  • Enable Debug only for selected IPs

Go to System > Configuration > Advanced > Magento Booster and enter the IPs the Debug tool should be visible to under “Debug allowed IPs”.

Full page cache for Magento module

Note: if you do not enter any IP addresses there, the Debug tool will be visible to all store visitors (when enabled).

  • Compare cache VS no-cache load times

Another nice addition to the bright yellow Cache Debug bar is the information that explains how long it has taken to load the page you are viewing at any given instance.

If the page has been loaded from cache, you will also see how long it would have taken to serve the pages if cache had been switched off.

Full Page Cache for Magento plugin

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