Magento 2 Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a discount to upgrade an extension to Magento 2?

Sure, there is. We value our customers and would like to reward those who have supported us during the Magento 1 era. If you own a Magento 1 extension by Aitoc and would like to purchase its Magento 2 counterpart, you can do it at 25 % OFF. Just drop a line to our Sales Department.

If you have purchased a Magento 1 plugin less than 6 months ago, you get to upgrade at 50% OFF, provided your M1 license for this extension is terminated.

Are your M2 extensions different from their M1 “versions”?

Just to make this clear. One doesn’t simply take a Magento 1 extension, plug it into Magento 2 and make it work. Our Magento 2 plugins are products built from scratch, and not upgraded versions of Aitoc’s Magento 1 extensions. Thus, we consider them separate modules.

In many instances, our Magento 2 extensions would have new features unavailable in Magento 1 plugins by the same name. That is because merchants’ need have evolved since the times of Magento 1, and we’d like to meet the demand for new capabilities.

Do your update / support conditions stay the same?

Yes, they do. Except for above-mentioned situations when you upgrade from M1 to M2. Our licensing policy, update conditions, refund policy and support conditions remain the same. This means you get:

  • Free email support for life.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 180 days of free updates.
  • Subsequent version updates at 25% off.
  • 30 minutes of Development Support with each module purchase.