New Magento 2 Extensions for YOUR Store: Review Booster and Pre-Orders!


Good day everyone,

Today, we are excited to announce that two new Magento 2 modules are now available for sale. Please welcome: Review Booster for Magento 2 and Pre-Orders for Magento 2Without further ado, here is what these extensions do.

Review Booster for Magento 2

Review Booster expands and extends customer reviews in your Magento store in new, unimaginable ways. The core features include:

  • The ability to vote reviews as helpful/unhelpful.
  • Product pros and cons in reviews.
  • “Trusted” reviews from actual buyers.
  • Additional review filters and parameters.
  • Automatic review requests (per product).


Pre-Orders for Magento 2

The Pre-Orders extension adds a whole new marketing dimension to your Magento store, allowing shoppers to place advance orders and enabling you to sell out-of-stock items as pre-orders.

  • Sell forthcoming goods as Pre-Orders.
  • Sell out-of-stock products as Pre-Orders.
  • Specify availability date or any other info on the front-end.
  • Filter orders by two additional statuses (Pending / Processing Pre-Order).
  • Receive payments for pre-ordered goods.


Up Next: Advanced Permissions and ACAP

Here is more good news, in the coming weeks, we plan to release two more Magento 2-ready extensions: Advanced Permissions and Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro.

They are being final-checked and wrapped up as we write this post. So, stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog / social media channels.

See Our Magento 2 Extensions FAQ

We’d love to know what you think of our Magento 2 extensions – please share your thoughts and impressions in comments!
Aitoc Team
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