Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro: New Email Templates & Google Analytics Tracking


Great news, folks!

Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro 3.8.0 has arrived. This version has several important additions that are bound to make your cart recovery efforts more effective.

+5 New Responsive Email Templates

We have added 5 new abandoned cart email templates for you to choose from. You will find them in several places in your Magento.

In System > Configuration > Catalog > Abandoned Cart Alerts, you can see 5 new options when choosing a template for your email:

  1. Abandoned Cart:  Classic
  2. Abandoned Cart:  Friendly
  3. Abandoned Cart:  Informal
  4. Abandoned Cart:  Minimalist
  5. Abandoned Cart:  Last Call

The Classic template is used by default in all three abandoned cart notifications, but you can change that.


The same email templates are available for editing in System > Transaction Emails when you click Add New Template. Just choose the template you wish to edit and click Load Template.

Here you can change the subject and the code of the template. Click Preview Template to preview your changes (please note that no values for custom variables will be pre-filled).


You will have to save your edition as a separate template with a new Template Name (the empty field on the screenshot above). This will make it available for use on the extension’s settings page.

To change the sender of the email, choose a respective sender in System > Configuration > Catalog > Abandoned Cart Alerts, under Email Sender.


+New Google Analytics Tracking

Another great addition is the ability to track visitors who come back to your store through abandoned cart notifications, and align those clicks with your sales statistics in Google Analytics.

To be able to see these data, a Google Analytics tracking code and an eCommerce plugin should be installed on your site.

The statistics will appear in Acquisition > Campaigns. There, locate the campaign titled cart-alert (this is the default name) and choose eCommerce in Conversion to see the sales generated through abandoned cart emails.


You can change this parameter in System > Configuration > Catalog > Abandoned Cart Alerts under Google Analytics Parameter:


Why Use Abandoned Cart Alerts Pro?

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