Magento Blog Archive (Old)

Here is the archive of articles from the old Aitoc’s blog (moved on April the 17, 2015).

Magento Speed and Administration

Using APC to speed up Magento

Speed up Magento 2 times in 3 simple steps

Recommended Magento Server Configuration

Magento Software Requirements

Migrating Magento Store To a Newer Version

Best server configuration for your Magento store: the Why and the How

Magento Booster Cache Warm-up

Reasons for Magento slow performance

Migrating the Mail System to a New Server: Unexpected Problems

Magento Web Development

A newbie sets up a Magento store from scratch. Part 1

A newbie sets up a Magento store from scratch. Part 2

Responsive Design for eCommerce

Layout XML

Magento and PayPal Sandbox

Mobile Magento. What are the prospects?

Magento Templates: Paid or Free?

Skills of a Software Developer

Zend_Date: New Year Problems

Magento Product Management

Choosing the Right Type of Product in Magento

Sell Customizable Products in Magento like a Boss

Magento News by Aitoc

Advanced Permissions For Magento Are Even More Advanced Now

New feature for Magento Advanced Permissions

Magento Support You Have Been Waiting For

11 Magento Extensions for Christmas

Holiday Gift from Aitoc

Goodbye to Aitoc Rewrites System

Magento Extensions Giveaway

Breaking News: We Got Acquired! Meet Aitoc’s New CEO and See What’s in Store for You

Aitoc Pricing Policy Changed: Get Your License Limitations Lifted for Free!

Aitoc Blog Has Moved!


Discounts: great promotion tool. Or is it?

Bits of Harmful Advice

eCommerce Fraud Prevention

Online/Offline in Peace