Magento Extensions by Aitoc Are Now Compatible with CE / SUPEE-7405


On January the 20th, 2016 Magento released a new security patch SUPEE-7405, which is a bundle of patches that provides protection against several types of vulnerability issues, including information leaks and cross-site scripting in Magento 1.x. You can read more about what is included into this patch here.

Here at Aitoc we have already made our Magento extensions compatible with Magento / SUPEE-7405. So, you can just go ahead and get the latest version of your extension, if necessary.

How to get Magento and SUPEE-7405

Go to the download page and open the Release Archive tab. There, you can find the latest version of Magento Community Edition and the latest security patch.


We recommend implementing and testing the patch in your development environment before deploying it to the production website.

Aitoc Team
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