Magento Extensions Giveaway

Would you like to get a free Magento extension from AITOC? To get a license worth $79 free of charge, or to get a 25% discount on one purchase, you need review any extension by AITOC that you already own*. The rules are simple:

1. Write a review on Magento Connect about the extension you own (you can find our extensions on Magento connect here or here). Make sure your review is informative, so that it gets approved by Magento staff.

1a (optional). Duplicate the review here at

2. Once the review gets published, let us know how we can verify it is indeed your review, and which bonus you choose: a 25% discount on one purchase, or an extension from the list below.


Here’s the list of extensions you may get:

1. Product Units and Quantities

2. Product Matrix

3. Recurring Purchase Assistant

4. Splash Page

5. Delivery Date

We’ll be giving away licenses with 0.5 hour/3 months support time, each worth $79.


Looking forward to your reviews!

*Hint: If you don’t own any AITOC extensions yet, but really want to get your free Magento module, you may install our FREE extension (Server Load Monitior Free) and review it.

Aitoc Team
Aitoc is a young team of passionate professionals delivering robust Magento extensions. Founded in 2001, Aitoc has produced over 100 modules for clients worldwide. The company continuously evolves, now offering a full range of custom ecommerce development services.