Manage inventory like a pro with MLI extension for Magento 2 [New release]

How many order lists did you have to compose before breaking down into tears? 10? 25? Even more?!! With all respect to your toughness, we care about your mental health too much to let it happen again. Cry no more. We have released a Multi-Location Inventory extension for Magento 2 to prevent you from future collapses.

In the default Magento it is impossible to create multiple warehouses, not to mention their connections with the specific store views and customer groups. But in real life, you have a network of warehouses with products arriving from multiple suppliers! How to deal with all that complexity? Are there really no options available?

Breath out, our extension will help you solve all your inventory management issues at once.

What Multi-Location Inventory can do

With Multi-Location Inventory, you can create an unlimited number of warehouses and connect them with the specific customer groups. Other features include:

  1. Providing admins with information when a store runs out of a specific product.
  2. Calculating the exact product quantity to order.
  3. Notifying warehouse managers about order details.

Moreover, it is within the Magento environment, so you wouldn’t need to jump from Magento to other systems to check order details. The information will reach you right in the admin panel.

How to get the most out of Multi-Location Inventory

To get the Multi-Location Inventory going, the only thing you need to do is to fill in the information about suppliers and warehouses as well as product quantity parameters. 

How to set product quantity and warehouse parameters

Setting a safety stock level, you inform the system how many products is perfectly enough to ensure stable delivery to customers for a certain period of time. Par level is a figure indicating that the stock has reached a critical level and it’s necessary to order additional items.

People have different purchasing habits for different products. That’s why safety stock and par level parameters are different for each product and each warehouse.

Prioritize your warehouses, setting 0 as the highest priority number. This way, if any of your products are assigned to several warehouses, they will be delivered from a warehouse with the highest priority number.

Multi-Location Inventory helps you manage the stock of your multiple warehouses effectively, sending informative restock notifications from the Magento admin panel right to your suppliers’ inboxes.

Ready to buy the extension? Keep in mind that besides the extension you get 30-days money back guarantee, free email support for life and 6 months of free updates.

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