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Year 2015 has been most eventful for us. It began with the company’s acquisition on March the 17th, and has brought much change to our customers as well as to the entire Magento community (mostly thanks to the Magento 2.0 release).

Delivering upon the promise we’ve made earlier, we would like to present to you the new Aitoc website – born on December the 25th , 2015.

Our old website hasn’t changed much since 2010, so we thought it was time to renew its design and other aspects in a major way.  While our new website has many improvements, the key enhancements are:

1. Responsive design

The new Aitoc website looks equally great on desktop, tablet and mobile. This means you have around-the-clock, cross-device access to the information we have put out for you.


2. Cleaner look-and-feel

Our new website is much easier on the eyes (huge thanks to our CPO and UX expert Anton Romanenko).


3. Increased security and anonymity

Our website has gone 100% https. This means you are now protected not only at checkout, but also when you are simply browsing our website. We respect your privacy!


4. Revamped account area

In your newly-designed account area, you now have all you need in one place and right at hand. There, you can see your orders, downloads, Aitoc services, your account information and the specials available to you.

Here you can track the 30 minutes of development support you get for free with each extension purchase. We’d like to remind you that, at the same time, we offer free email support for life.


5. One-click extension updates

And, last but not least, it has now become ridiculously easy to download the Magento extensions you purchased previously as well as to get the latest version of any extension you’re using.


So, we cordially invite you to explore the new Aitoc and let us know what you think.

Your feedback, comments, questions, suggestions and critique are most welcome!
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Aitoc Team
Aitoc is a young team of passionate professionals delivering robust Magento extensions. Founded in 2001, Aitoc has produced over 100 modules for clients worldwide. The company continuously evolves, now offering a full range of custom ecommerce development services.