3 New Gift Registry Features That Put You in Control of Clients’ Gift Lists

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At Aitoc, we always keep our word. A few weeks ago, we promised to add 3 hot-new features to our Gift Registry Magento extension. Today, they have arrived!

Create and edit customers’ Gift Lists freely

With the new capabilities, you are in full control of your customers’ gift lists. This comes indispensable if you receive Gift List information off-line or over the phone (e.g., as a wedding planner, a party organizer, etc.) and you need to enter it manually into Magento.

With the just-added features, you can:

1. Create gift lists for any customer in Magento.

2. Add products to Gift Lists owned by your customers.

3. Identify gift list owner by email on the Gift Registries grid.

How to use the new features
  • You now have a new column titled Customer Email in Customers > Gift Registries > Registries.

Gift registry customer email

  • You can create a Gift Registry for a customer by clicking Add New on the Registries grid.

Add new customers in gift registry

  • By choosing the customer, you can add products to their gift lists or create a registry for them.

Create gift list

  • In Items, tick the products to add to the customer’s Gift List. Click Save Event to finish creating a Registry.

Add products to customer gift list

Why use Gift Registry for Magento

The Community edition of Magento eCommerce  is missing the gift registry functionality. At the same time, people often wish to receive particular items as gifts. By allowing your customers to create and share gift lists, you carve out a whole new niche for potential buyers, which eventually leads to more sales.

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