New Extension Release: Magento 2 Product File Attachments

Magento 2 Product File Attachments

Create highly informative landing pages with Magento 2 Product File Attachments

With the extensive range of product alternatives available today, it becomes more difficult for customers to choose the one that addresses their needs best. Beautifully designed websites can win buyers’ attention, but detailed and self-explanatory product information is what drives customers to purchase.

To make your product pages more attractive and useful for visitors, we introduce Product File Attachments for Magento 2. This new extension allows adding files with supporting information to your product pages in Magento 2. Be it a series of images showcasing a product from different angles, a user manual or a video testimonial -you can attach any file of any format to provide more product details to your customer.


In brief, here are the key capabilities of Aitoc’s Product File Attachments:

  • Two upload options: direct upload or attachment as a link
  • Support of multiple file formats, including .doc, .xls, .pdf, .zip, and others
  • Flexible widget management, including the ability to create custom titles and set up the widget’s location on a page
  • A library of file icons and icon upload support
  • Wide product-specific settings, including visibility configuration, attachment display order, store-view based attachments, etc.
  • Detailed reporting
  • File download for registered users
  • And many more!

Make your product pages content-rich and informative to convert your prospects into buyers with the help of Product File Attachments for Magento 2!

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In case you’re running a Magento 1 store, there is also a separate extension version available for the first platform installation. Check out Magento Useful Downloads to learn more.

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