New Extension Release: Magento 2 Web Push Notifications

Make use of web messages to boost your conversion rates with our brand new Magento 2 extension

Web push notifications open a great way to engage a massive audience, providing marketers a new messaging channel at minimum cost. At Aitoc, we wanted to give you the opportunity to reap the benefits of this cool technology too. So, we are excited to introduce you to our newest extension – Web Push Notifications for Magento 2.

Magento 2 Web Push Notifications is a super easy-to-use tool that allows configuring pop-up messages at your online store. Now you can create strong call-to-actions to nudge your customers into making a purchase with just a couple of clicks!

Magento 2 Web Push Notifications: Highlights

Our new extension boasts a pool of exciting features, with the help of which you can:

  • Take advantage of the three ready-made notification templates: Order Status Change, Signup Engagement, and ‘We Miss You’
  • Use two notification subscription prompts simultaneously
  • Configure automated push notifications for order-related events (i.e. canceled orders, closed orders, etc.)
  • Set the timing for notification permission requests
  • Assign push notifications to a specific time manually
  • View and manage the subscriber list
  • Display push notifications in popular browsers and on various devices
  • Track push notifications in real time via Google Analytics
  • And more!

A wealth of cutting-edge functionality, isn’t it? Here are the ultimate benefits you get leveraging the extension:

  • Easily get new subscribers to your mailing list
  • Keep customers updated on their order status to enhance their loyalty and satisfaction with your services
  • Recover abandoned carts and drive repeat purchases by engaging customers on your website
  • Target visitors with awesome notifications even if a tab with your website is closed
  • Boost conversion rates with no significant efforts involved!

Reach out to your customers and prospects and foster their engagement at your online store with Web Push Notifications for Magento 2!

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Aitoc Team
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