New Release: Two-Factor Authentication for Magento 2

Add a second layer of security to the Magento Admin panel with Two-Factor Authentication, a new Magento 2 extension by Aitoc.

Cybercriminals apply different tactics like brute force attacks and phishing to gain access to sensitive customer and corporate data available. According to a recent study, account takeover represents the fastest growing threat in the ecommerce space. Having unique and complex passwords is now not enough anymore to secure the admin panel against unwanted intruders.

We have a great solution for you. Aitoc has developed Two-Factor Authentication, a Magento 2 extension, that will become a guardian of your Magento-driven website.

How Two-Factor Authentication Keeps Magento Admin Panel Safe

This Magento 2 extension adds an extra user authentication step to the conventional Magento admin log-in procedure. To log in to the account, the store admin needs to enter not only the login and password, but also a one-time 6-digit password valid for one login session.

Each user can manage his/her authentication settings independently. They can enable and disable this verification method whenever they want.

Receiving One-Time Passwords

Two-Factor Authentication offers two ways of receiving one-time passwords. You can bring them into action by enabling the following user verification options:

  • Email verification;
  • Mobile verification.

Enable the email verification option if you want to receive passwords by email. Please note that the extension will utilize the email address found in the account’s settings.

The mobile verification makes use of mobile one-time password (OTP) apps like Google Authenticator that generate two-step verification codes on phones.

You can enable both options. But make sure that you use only one of them when you log in to the admin account in such a case. And that’s not all, folks! We’ve gone even further than you could expect and one more killer feature to the module.

Adding IP Addresses to Whitelist

Magento admins can make their accounts even more secure by adding trusted IP addresses to the whitelist. This means that they will be able to log in to the Admin panel only from locations specified in the whitelist. With this functionality, their accounts are fully safeguarded against digital thieves. 

In short, this cutting-edge extension can keep intruders away from your Magento admin panel. We also provide free module updates for six months, a 30-day money back guarantee and free email support.

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