New Sexy Clipart, Fonts and More in Custom Product Preview v 4.4.0

Custom product preview

Hurray, Custom Product Preview version 4.4.0 is hot off the press. In this version, you find not only the improved back-end interface, but also a new collection of clipart and text fonts that are sure to delight your Magento store customers.

Eye-Candy Clipart Added

Custom Product Preview 4.4.0 comes with a wealth of new clipart images in the following categories:

1. Animals

Animals in CPP

2. Anime

Anime CPP

3. Holidays

Holidays CPP

4. Baby

Baby CPP

5. Sports

Sports CPP

Please remember that you can add your own clipart or edit available images / categories in Catalog > Aitoc Custom Product Preview > Clipart.

New “Sexy” Text Fonts

In addition, the extension now also contains additional text fonts your customers can choose from.

New fonts CPP

You can add your own text fonts (in .ttf) or edit available ones in Catalog > Aitoc Custom Product Preview > Fonts.

Improved Admin Panel

And, last but not least, the Custom Options tab, which is used to set up product customization options, now has a totally new interface. It is more streamline and intuitive.

CPP new backend

To tweak product editing options to your needs, go to the product and head to the Custom Options tab. When creating a custom option, use Custom Product Preview as Input Type, and you will get the customization features that are part of our extension.

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