Recent extensions updates: SUPEE-8788 compatibility


We are happy to announce that Cost Based Pricing, Multi-Location Inventory and Front-End Editor are now compatible with Magento / SUPEE-8788. We fixed some bugs and added multiple features, so now you could diversify the functionality of your system even more.

Not so long ago Magento introduced new security requirements in a form of a SUPEE-8788 patch. Having the patch installed into your system will largely improve the security level of your store. As long as it addresses vulnerabilities, related to payments processing and sessions’ behavior while users log out, the risk of malicious acts like creation of phishing pages, unauthorized interference and others has significantly decreased.

Nevertheless, if you have already used our extensions, you will find that after installing the SUPEE-8788 patch they do not correspond to security requirements any longer and can not function properly. Purchasing updates will leverage a new security level of your system and the functionality of the extensions you are used to.

Cost Based Pricing

Speaking about the functionality, Cost Based Pricing for Magento is an effective tool for managing your price policy. Specifying product costs and markups (fixed or percentage based), you could use ‘Cost + Price Markup’ formula for leveraging your prices and setting price markups.

You could determine a set of rules that would cause the price markup to change according to the sales level. For example, you could choose to set up the markup decrease if the total revenue in the past month (or any other period of your choice) was below $10,000. After the markup modification, prices are recalculated at once, which is automatically reflected in the catalog. A new update made it possible to round up a product price to the nearest integer.

You could buy Cost Based Pricing extension at

Multi-Location Inventory

This Magento warehouse management extension lets you split up your inventory between websites and keep track of each of them individually as if these stores were set on independent installations.

This module would be indispensable for store owners who are struggling to manage their numerous warehouses and stores in one system. The internal logic of default Magento does not let users manage stock of different websites separately, making it difficult to track low stock products in each store. Needless to say, timely and precise restock becomes a problematic issue as there is no possible way to do that given the limitations of the system.

The functionality of this module lets you connect stores and warehouses associated with them, so you would be able to monitor each store’s stock individually. For your convenience low stock reports are being generated, so you always know when to do timely restock at every store you manage. Errorless experience guaranteed, especially now, when we fixed possible exception in the code if Store ID is 0.

Besides compatibility with the Community version, it has recently been made compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition, for which we fixed an issue with creating orders from the admin panel.

Multi-Location Inventory is available for purchase at

Front-End Editor

Front-End Editor for Magento is a convenient tool for editing the information on your web-site. It gives an admin an easy access to the store front end while still staying in the Admin mode. You could easily switch between the backend and the frontend of your store and browse the front end effortlessly.

The Admin could edit product information and static blocks content right on the frontend. By clicking editable elements, the pop-up editor opens in a new window where it is possible to change the information. We added a new long awaited feature. From now on the extension allows to delete / duplicate product from the front-end while in the edit mode.

If you want to buy the Front-End Editor extension, go to

Each extension package for Community Edition includes 6 months of free updates, which come at 25% the price afterwards, free email support and a 30-day money back period. For Enterprise Edition you get 12 months of free updates, which come at 25% the price after this period, free email support, free bug fixing services and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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