Why Product Personalization is Vital for Your Online Store

In today’s business environment the competition between ecommerce players is fierce as never before, and they explore all avenues to leave their competitors in the dust. With customers being empowered by digital devices and social networks, businesses have to invent new ways of stimulating their interest and keeping them engaged. Product personalization is a highly effective approach to doing the trick among online store owners to give their clients a sense of owing something affordable yet unique. A research by Deloitte supports this fact by stating that people expect the opportunity to fine-tune services and products they are offered. Another study says that consumers agree that personalization has an impact on what they purchase.

Why Your Ecommerce Store Needs Product Personalization

The answer is short: because your rivals either have already embraced the technology to enable their clients to personalize their products or plan to do so in the nearest future. You want to keep up with the times, too, don’t you? If you are still on the fence, here are the reasons that will convince you.

1. Stay Up-to-Date

People love new things, and they tend to go to town on using them. And in the ecommerce universe the winners are those stores that blaze a trail in the field of technology by offering new and personalized experiences to their users.

Now it’s perfect time to join the race for clients by furnishing them with product personalization. Stores that will shortly get on the bandwagon will also grab a piece of this pie.

2. Increase Customer Loyalty

The number of ecommerce stores is immense, and when it comes to choosing between two stores that sell similar products at the same price shoppers are likely to select the one that offers a more engaging user experience.

E-businesses can jump at the chance that product personalization creates. By adding this feature to their stores they will be able to give customers exactly what they want. It means that their clients will have a reason to shop in their store and come back.

3. Streamline Customers’ Decision-Making Process

Time is priceless for ecommerce business owners, and they can’t afford to wait for the client’s decision for many days or weeks. Yet, if potential buyers need a personalized product it may take a long time to figure out what they look for and make sure that no tiny details are missing.

The product personalization capability can do a good turn since it allows customers to personalize the product totally by themselves with the help of intuitive online tools, such as Custom Product Designer. For instance, if they need a T-shirt with a custom picture that is not available in the store, they can pick any image they like on the Internet and apply it to a T-shirt to see how it will look like. Once the order is placed, the only thing the store will be responsible for is to bring their idea to life and ensure timely product’s delivery. All the personalization work will be done by the client.

4. Save Your Money

When you enter into a negotiation with a customer on what he/she wants to personalize in your product you never know how much money you will lose if you two don’t reach an agreement.

In short, your employees responsible for such personalization services will lose their time, and you will lose your money. So you have to pay them for arranging the deal that may never take place. No matter whose fault it was that the client chose your competitor’s store, your employees will get paid anyway. And it means unavoidable costs for you. 

By installing a tool to give free rein to store visitors with personalizing items you pay only once and get clients’ satisfaction for a long time to come. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?


Retailers and brands do their best to delight customers and apply different marketing approaches to make their products and services jump off the shelves.

By offering their clients a personalize-by-yourself option, your ecommerce store can stay ahead of the competition and set the stage for cornering the market.

Aitoc Team
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