Why do customers leave your store? Categories and navigation [Part 2]

Have you ever asked yourself why customers leave your store? And how many reasons have you found? Just a few? Our ambition is to cover all of them in the articles “Why do customers leave your store?”. In the first part we observed the list of reasons why customers leave your Homepage: They don’t understand what a website sells They can’t find the search field Website’s ads are intrusive They are skeptical Website’s design is poor If you haven’t read it yet, click the link “Why do customers leave your store?”. The smart and non-frustrating website navigation menu for e-commerce business…

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Excellent custom products with this extension for #Magento 1 [Update]

Yep, it happened. Your prayers were heard. We have released a magnificent long awaited update for the Custom Product Preview. It includes such a great amount of new exciting features and has such an amazing front-end design that we feel like it is a new extension, which by a coincidence has the same name (oops, how could that happen?). Earlier Custom Product Preview was a Magento extension which let buyers personalize goods by adding images and text as well as using shape masks and other tools. Now its functionality extends way beyond these features, enabling your customers to create masterpieces in…

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How to use XSL in Magento ?

How often do Magento users deal with massive data in the XML file? I think, the answer is clear: every time when they want to transfer Orders data between different versions of Magento and third party software. Let’s talk about the magic XSL Language. What is XSL ? XSL is an Extensible Stylesheet Language. The full XSL logically consists of 3 Components ( XSL,XSLT and XPath ), and today we speak about XSLT, which is the most important one. XSL Transformations or XSLT is a language for describing how to transform one XML document ( represented as a tree )…

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