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    Magento Checkout extensions

    Improving your checkout process, you surely increase your sales. Our extensions allow you to configure the most secure and precise checkout field.
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    One Page Checkout for Magento

    One Page Checkout for Magento 1

    Reduce your Magento store's exit rates by distilling six checkout steps to one.

    29 reviews
    $ 89

    All Extensions

    All-in-One Checkout for Magento

    All-in-One Checkout for Magento 1

    Do anything you want with Magento checkout: merge, remove or extend checkout steps as needed.

    10 reviews
    $ 149
    10% OFF
    One Page Checkout for Magento

    One Page Checkout for Magento 1

    Reduce your Magento store's exit rates by distilling six checkout steps to one.

    29 reviews
    $ 89
    Configurable Checkout for Magento

    Configurable Checkout for Magento 1

    Remove unnecessary checkout steps in Magento. Improve UX by letting your customers check out quicker.

    11 reviews
    $ 69
    Shopping Cart Editor for Magento

    Shopping Cart Editor for Magento 1

    Make it easy for customers to edit product details right in shopping cart without leaving the cart page.

    8 reviews
    $ 69
    Custom Checkout Fields for Magento

    Custom Checkout Fields for Magento 1

    Provide a custom-tailored registration & checkout experience in Magento.

    38 reviews
    $ 99
    Custom Registration Fields for Magento

    Custom Registration Fields for Magento 1

    Add custom fields to account registration form in Magento.

    4 reviews
    $ 59
    Extra Fee / Gift Wrap for Magento

    Extra Fee / Gift Wrap for Magento 1

    A Magento extension that allows you to charge extra for services like gift wrap, speedy delivery, etc.

    1 review
    $ 69
    Delivery Date Plus for Magento

    Delivery Date Plus for Magento 1

    Manage delivery schedules conveniently in Magento. Let customers leave comments when they order a delivery.

    12 reviews
    $ 75

    At Aitoc we understand the importance of an intuitive and flexible Magento checkout, since it’s the key to ensure your customers complete their purchases. With that in mind, we designed a suite of robust plugins for Magento that allow to optimize your checkout, making the purchasing process as easy and fast as possible for your buyers.

    The easier the checkout process is for the customers, the higher revenue the merchants will get. Utilizing Aitoc Magento extensions, online merchants get the ability to configure their checkout forms in the most effective way so that to improve customer experience and fuel sales. Our solutions allow to customize checkout forms, remove unnecessary data fields, as well as enable one-page checkout for the fastest purchase completion.

    By providing the opportunity of flexible cart editing and allowing to specify the delivery time right in the checkout, you will get shoppers on your good side. Additional services like gift wrapping provided on the checkout page will enhance customer experience with your store even more, while increasing the average order value.

    Magento Custom Checkout Fields extension – Customize default checkout and registration forms with new fields. Configure different checkout options for each customer group you have and aggregate valuable data from customers filling in the forms.

    One Step Checkout Magento extension – Manage your Magento checkout with a single tool. Create new fields and delete the unnecessary ones and reduce multiple checkout steps to one to simplify the checkout process.

    One Page checkout Magento plugin – Make your checkout as simple and fast to complete as possible. Eliminate unnecessary steps and provide buyers with the opportunity to fill in all the fields in one take on a single page.

    Magento Custom Registration Fields extension – Add new fields to the standard registration form to ask customers for the information you really need. Use text, checkboxes, dropdown menus and other custom elements to adjust the form to your needs.

    Configurable Checkout plugin for Magento – Polish up your checkout page by removing irrelevant checkout steps. Disable default fields like Shipping Information or Payment Information to help customers complete it faster.

    Here is Checkout extensions for Magento 2