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Custom Development

Custom Development

Based on 4 reviews
Magento Custom Development
We will perform any Magento web development task quickly and efficiently. Ask us for a free quote and a free estimate of your project.
      Custom Development
    • Detailed daily reports
    • Agile methodology
    • Best price/quality relation
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    Hire Us

    By hiring Aitoc for your Magento project, you get:

    • A team of highly-qualified professionals
    • Full control over the development process
    • Detailed reports on how your time is used
    • A free pre-development project estimate

    Best Value for Your Budget

    Thanks for considering Aitoc for your development project!

    We look forward to working with you. By hiring Aitoc, you get the best value for your Magento development budget.

    Dedicated Manager

    An assigned manager will report to you on a day-to-day basis with a detailed description of what has been done.

    Professional Team

    We have been doing web development for 10+ years. So, we’ve got plenty of experience with it.

    Easy Management

    With Aitoc, you are in full charge of the development process and you can easily introduce changes at any time.

    Agile Development

    We use the Agile development methodology, which increases the efficiency of our work.

    Careful Planing

    We plan customer projects carefully to ensure our price and time estimates are as precise as they get.

    Transparent Pricing

    You pay only for the actual work done - no project estimate fees or management charges!

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    4 Customer Reviews

    • Rai,
      Jan 2, 2018

      Thanks For Help! You Saved the Project.

    • Robert Schaub,
      Mar 22, 2016

      Perfect value for money, worth every dollar spent. Aitoc is a reliable team who think for you and try to even improve your thinking and business results. I really enjoyed working with them, communication was great!

    • Brian Luan,
      Mar 15, 2016

      We have used Aitoc's custom development services on a number of pretty complicated tasks related to our ERP software. This resulted in streamlined processes and significantly improved productivity. The Aitoc team is very efficient and professional, communication has been great all along. We will definitely come back for all our custom needs.

    • Justine Aquino,
      Apr 22, 2015

      Our project was delivered on time and as requested. Highly recommend this team!

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