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Aitoc is driven by the desire to stay ahead of the pack and provide products that help Magento store owners prosper by delivering a design that sells.

Aitoc is convinced that design plays a pivotal role for the entire project, and the creation of sketches is the very first step towards having a good design.

We are big fans of the design thinking approach

We have UX, UI, and graphic designers in our agile teams, and they participate in all the projects. This approach has been working like a charm for many years, as by building such a cross-disciplinary team we see projects in different perspectives, thus gaining a profound understanding of the whole thing.

Team Members

The size and composition of the development team are project-dependent, but there are always UX/UI and graphic designers, project managers, developers and QA engineers in each team. Aitoc welcomes active involvement of customers in the development process since close collaboration helps us develop exactly what our clients need.

Get a dedicated Magento team

Typical Design Team Workflow

There are some stages that each project passes through:

UX Design

A UX designer carefully examines the project description to create a roadmap. Than we do our best to reproduce as many as possible use case from site visitor perspectives to compile a list of so-called user stories.

Our UX designer applies an emphatic design approach to understand how exactly users will interact with the online store. We discuss each use case with the client to see for ourselves that all the vital details and expectations are taken into account.

We are very flexible and can make changes to the project at any stage

As soon as the roadmap gets the customer’s approval we prepare design documentation and create design prototypes. Once we have the prototypes at our fingertips, we share them with the client to find out if any changes in the functionality are required and introduce them.

We go through this process as many times as needed to develop a flawless prototype. From the financial point of view, it is much cheaper to modify a prototype than change the code later on.

UI and Graphic Design

A UI designer is the one who transforms largely schematic prototypes created by a UX designer into an attractive and responsive user interface, thus ensuring intuitive and engaging user experience that conforms to the UX designer’s vision.

The graphic designer’s job is to make polished look and feel by choosing visually appealing colors, fonts, and other design elements that fit all types of devices. It means that our customers get a pixel-perfect design.

Support After Design Stage

Designers do not leave the project after the design is delivered and accepted. They work hand in hand with the development team to make sure that the design is implemented correctly.

As a full service Magento agency, we are ready to help you create a web store design that your customers will love.

Other Aitoc Agency Services:

Development services

We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

Optimization Services

By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

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