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E-Commerce Strategy Development

An enormous number of businesses of all types gear towards building their online presence, but there is still a lot of untapped potential when it comes to e-commerce. Yet, many merchants lack a successful e-commerce strategy that prevents them from joining frontrunners. They may employ poorly developed strategies or not have any strategy at all.

An effective e-commerce strategy includes such marketing tools and practices as custom loyalty programs, customer reviews, on-site personalization, micro-targeting, etc. At Aitoc we stress the importance of having a good strategy that helps Magento store owners efficiently manage their online stores.

We help existing and would-be Magento store owners develop successful e-commerce strategies.

Bringing a brick-and-mortar shop to the online universe

Owners of a successful offline store are likely to join the online race one day, and Aitoc knows how to make their web stores thrive. We not only help merchants draw up successful e-commerce strategies, but also build their online stores from the ground up. We place all their online and offline sales activities and business processes under one umbrella by integrating their Magento stores with ERP, warehouse management, and other software systems.

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Starting an online business from scratch

We work with entrepreneurs who want to embark on the e-commerce business by sharing with them our domain-specific experience, technical expertise, and businesses acumen to help them develop e-commerce strategies that will let them topple their rivals and prosper.

Optimizing an existing online store

No matter how successful your web store is, the rapidly evolving nature of e-commerce will not let you rest on your laurels for too long. There are always some big and small things that need to be improved: the customer service, financial issues, and more. Being well aware of all the difficulties that Magento store owners face, we can lend them a hand with all these problems.

Integrating marketplaces with Magento store

The creation of a Magento store is usually the obvious next step for merchants who successfully sell their goods via different marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. Aitoc excels at building Magento stores and integrating them with online marketplaces.

Join your forces with our team that includes business analysts, project managers, web designers and developers to get an excellent e-commerce strategy.

Other Aitoc Agency Services:

Development services

We know how to make Magento work for an online business by developing advanced functionality and extensions.

Optimization Services

By optimizing their Magento stores business owners gain a competitive advantage since their websites become more productive. The following issues must be considered when it comes to web store optimization:

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