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Post Purchase Emails for Magento 2

Post Purchase Emails for Magento 2
  • Use emails to grow a loyal community around your brand
  • Make sure your customers enjoy your products
  • Ask customers to leave feedback that will help you improve
  • Use built-in email campaigns or design new ones to fit your unique needs
Compatible with
Community 2.1.x - 2.2.x
  • 1. Free lifetime updates
  • 2. Free email support
  • 3. 30-day money back
QtyYou can use this extension on one live Magento host and unlimited test hosts.

Provide your customers with a highly personalized shopping experience

Give your users more attention and care than they expect. Offer additional product information, provide customer support contacts and warranty details, give product care tips or all at once. Post Purchase Emails is a powerful tool that will make your email marketing efforts even more effective.

This module is part of Follow Up Emails marketing tool.

Make Sure Customers Are Enjoying Your Product

Nurture relationships with your customers even after the sale.

  • Thank customers for their purchase and make sure they are satisfied
  • Offer products that will improve their shopping experience
  • Share useful links to forums, user manuals, and product documentation

Ask for Feedback That Will Help You Improve

Remind customers about your warranty and support contacts, send links to manuals or installation instructions, or just invite them to check out your blog to stay updated on your latest news.

  • Give additional information about the product or ask users to share their opinion online
  • Offer a discount for their next purchase or a membership sign up deal

Use Email to Grow a Loyal Community Around Your Brand

Businesses spend unproportionally more money on getting new buyers instead of growing a loyal community around their brand. Attracting new customers is 3 times more expensive than keeping old ones happy.

  • Invest in a well-thought-out email marketing strategy to retain your repeat customers
  • Occasionally remind customers about their previous buying experience to encourage them to visit your store once again

Quick Overview

  1. Ask customers to share their product delivery experience
  1. Retain Customers to Ensure Business Growth
  • User Case: Crafting Supplies Store

    As a business, we rely 100% on our repeat customers. We have neither the budget nor the time to do a lot of marketing. That’s why building a solid community and communicating with our customer base is our number one priority. We liked the ability to customize and send multiple post-purchase emails that show we really care about our shoppers even after the purchase.

    • B2C
    • Retail
    • Arts and Crafts
    • Boutique

100% GDPR Compliance

Post-Purchase Emails for Magento 2 is fully GDPR compliant since it does not store, process, or share any customer-specific data.

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3 Customer Reviews

  • Nielsen,
    Oct 25, 2018

    The extension sums up my post purchase messages nicely. The templates were a bit tricky to manage, but Aitoc team was fast to respond and help me out. Thanks!

  • Sebastjen,
    Oct 24, 2018

    this extension helps me keep in touch with my customers. i sell electronic products which require some maintenance and can be complicated to set up. that's why i send out user manuals and general usage tips to all my customers. with this little module, i was able to automate the process completely.

  • Dorothy Rivers,
    Oct 17, 2018

    I like this tool a lot. My store sells a variety of digital goods, and I love that I can automatically send some useful materials after the purchase. The option to include related products is an amazing feature, it opens up great upsales and cross sales opportunities.

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Ver. 1.0.0 - Released October 10, 2018

Initial release
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