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Magento Administration extensions

Every day Magento store admins are engaged in providing customers with excellent service. To make their work the most empowering and effective, we offer you the list of compelling extensions.
Multi-Location Inventory for Magento

Multi-Location Inventory

One Magento installation - multiple websites, each with its own inventory and warehouse.

13 reviews
$ 275
Ultimate Warehouse Management for Magento

Ultimate Warehouse Management

Сreate an unlimited number of warehouses and easily manage their stock.

$ 499
Orders Export and Import for Magento

Orders Export and Import for Magento

A flexible utility for exporting/importing Orders and Customer data in Magento.

25 reviews
$ 129
Advanced Permissions for Magento

Advanced Permissions

Easily give and manage permissions to sub-admins of your Magento store.

67 reviews
$ 149
Custom Product Options Templates for Magento

Custom Product Options Templates

Create products in Magento with the same or similar custom options a lot faster.

18 reviews
$ 99
Grouped Product Options for Magento

Grouped Product Options

Use custom options for grouped products - ideal for grouped products that come in different modifications.

2 reviews
$ 69
Full Page Cache for Magento

Full Page Cache for Magento

Make your Magento store load super-fast with this essential extension from Aitoc.

59 reviews
$ 99
Custom Order Number Pro for Magento

Custom Order Number Pro

Set custom numbers for Orders, Invoices, Shipments or Credit Memos in Magento.

22 reviews
$ 79
Enhanced Order Grid for Magento

Enhanced Order Grid

Get 2 new filtering options in Magento Orders grid: sort orders by SKU or by product name.

2 reviews
$ 59
Advanced Reports for Magento

Advanced Reports

Get all the in-depth Magento analytics you need, whenever you need them.

7 reviews
$ 79
Front-End Editor for Magento

Front-End Editor

A convenient tool that lets you edit products, blocks and pages front-end in Magento.

3 reviews
$ 69
E-mail Templates Manager for Magento

E-mail Templates Manager

Ensure correct encoding of your Magento emails & get them past spam folders with plain-text versions.

8 reviews
$ 69
Product Matrix for Magento

Product Matrix

Automatically generate simples for configurable products based on 2 attributes.

5 reviews
$ 69
Cost Based Pricing for Magento

Cost Based Pricing

Base your pricing off product costs by automatically adding cost percentage or a fixed figure to them.

3 reviews
$ 89
Admin Email Notifications for Magento

Admin Email Notifications

Get notified about key events in a Magento store: new orders, customers, reviews, subscribers, etc.

3 reviews
$ 59
Shopping Cart Editor for Magento

Shopping Cart Editor

Make it easy for customers to edit product details right in shopping cart without leaving the cart page.

8 reviews
$ 69
Configurable Products Pro for Magento

Configurable Products Pro

Generate simples for configurable products on the fly. Unlimited attributes!

13 reviews
$ 125
Server Load Monitor for Magento

Server Load Monitor

Effectively monitor Magento server load peaks and get notified about website outages or slowdowns.

Magento administration extensions by Aitoc enhance the default Magento functionality, optimizing and simplifying the entire store maintenance process. Leveraging our administration extensions, you will be able to take full control over products, orders, and users to ensure superior customer service.

With Aitoc Magento extensions, store owners can streamline a broad range of routine tasks involved with administration management. Aitoc product management extensions embrace the full product lifecycle, allowing to create, and configure your products, manage inventory, set custom pricing rules and track product performance from the Magento admin panel.

Magento store performance is crucial for your online business success, and our extensions have it covered. You can take advantage from Magento full page caching to make your website load as faster as never, and also monitor your store performance on a regular basis.

Magento Export & Import Orders extension – Quickly transfer orders between different versions of Magento without any data loss or damage. Import and export order records from/to any third-party platforms in XML and CSV formats.

Magento Advanced Reports - Get a full insight into your customers and processes with the help of actionable analytics. Track customer statistics and make use of advanced data visualization and detailed reports.

Full Page Cache for Magento - Reduce the load on your servers to improve web store performance and navigation. Introduce full page caching and enable faster page rendering by compressing Java Script on your website.

Ultimate Warehouse Management - Add as many warehouses as needed, manage their settings, define low and safety stock levels for each item, and receive automated notifications for the products running out.

Magento Advanced Permissions - Improve access management at your store by restricting access to specific site areas. Create custom access rules and assign them to employees based on their responsibilities.

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