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B2B E-Commerce

B2C and B2B are two forms of commercial transactions, and the understanding of nuances between them is what we are really good at. Over the years we have successfully managed a number of end-to-end projects, so no matter what B2B field you are after, Aitoc has got it covered.

There is no question that Magento is one of the most flexible open-source platforms. It can support day-to-day complexities and can be modified to any needs of a growing B2B business. So, you may integrate, customize, optimize and automize your system.

Riskless integration

Have you ever thought how do integrations influence on your store’s efficiency?

We may say, integrations are leverages to get the most of best features from various systems to be hundred proof. But aptnesses and complexities of each integration make their delivery in a way challenging.

We can connect and integrate web store with any:

  • CRMs (Infusionsoft, Salesforce, Freshdesk, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365)
  • ERPs (SAP, JD Edwards, NetSuit, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Intacct Software)
  • accounting systems
  • fulfillment services
  • product information management services
  • delivery systems
  • PoS (Quetzal POS, NetSuite, Oracle Financials ERP Cloud, SAP Anywhere)

If this topic provokes your interest, you may move to integrations page.

Automation of business processes

Nowadays technologies enable to automize the most complex processes, not to speak of simplest. This lead to the fact: all B2B businesses someday face with the BPA pertinence.

Reasons for automation can be widely different: from manual errors minimization to operational cost reduction. But for each problem we find corresponding solution.

One day, a large sports equipment vendor turned to us with the problem of incorrect price updating. For a long time he used one default price for different store views in Europe, USA and Canada but it was really ineffective. We helped him to adjust the system of prices' calculation, according to taxes, currencies, and delivery payments and his business catches the advantage of really high margin.

Intranet systems

At the moment, our team is working on the project for an international company. They apply to us because one day they find out the necessity of inner purchasing system and we understood what they need at once - Intranet system.

Our intranet system will make their inner ordering process of IT equipment (servers, smartphones, laptops, PCs etc.) easier. It will take a great workload on its shoulders - inform suppliers, synchronize ordering tickets, automize and allot roles according to customer's corporative standards.

Store customization

For B2B firms, the process of customization is much more complex than for B2C. It is caused by unique end buyer needs and complex buying processes. As an example, B2B buying process involves multiple decision makers and influencers, each with their own selection criteria and agenda.

The good news is, if you can customize your selling process to a particular buyer in a significant way, you offer more prospects to customers. Individual price lists and buying options make your store versatile to function both business users and individual customers.


If you look through our experience you may notice, optimization is a frequent task. We can undoubtedly say, optimization makes your website more productive in many aspects.

Do you want to be tuned in this topic? Use links and grab new knowledge: UX Optimization, Security Optimization, SEO Optimization, Performance Optimization.

B2B system encompasses a large network of dependencies, among which are connections with third-party systems, automation, optimization etc. Making all of them work together is like writing a symphony for orchestra. You should know how each instrument sounds separately and together, and make a beautiful melody out of their simultaneous sounding.

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