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B2C E-Commerce

Helping entrepreneurs from various areas sell directly to consumers since 2001, we can surely say: we are experts in providing elaborated B2C e-commerce solutions. We have been around the block, B2C is a complicated sphere. Juggling management, logistics, marketing, promotion activities plus having to deal with technical issues is no piece of cake. We feel your endeavors and aim to be your guide in online business.

For B2C development, it is essential to have deep knowledge and expertise in:

Business process automation

So basically, technologies can simplify your work and work of your staff. You may think: doing some paper processes in a manual way is normal, but nowadays all processes can be automated. Automation is tailored specifically to your store environment and takes into account every component of your inner processes. What we are going to do here is offer a big base of development power to automate all manual processes that people keep repeating — from a simple employee on boarding to complex accounts payable processes.

compressing and merging


Technologies connect people and processes automating manual job that people keep repeating

Systems integration

Have you ever got a load of the fact that one platform is unable to fully unleash your web store's potential? Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Today, the systems’ integrations are ubiquitous challenges. And Aitoc deals with those challenges hands-down. We integrate Magento with any third-party systems (CRMs, ERPs, WMS, PoS), fulfillment services, marketing tools, merchandising systems, reward programs etc. and bar arising conflicts. Squarely, integration means multi-functionality and if you focus on sound integrations, you will reap all benefits. For more info look through integrations page or Magento-SAP Integration case study.

Site customization and modernization

When you visit a website for the first time, what do you pay most attention to? Probably, it will be design and functionality.

So, a variable and fast-paced world of e-сommerce requires a compelling website design and an orchestrated functionality. To achieve these, there are key areas, which should be scrutinized.

A fully responsive design. Website modernization goes hand in hand with a fully responsive design. It makes your store page look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones) and supports an online environment that would suit any buyer.

Navigation. Every potential buyer must be able to navigate a site intuitively and find the product. The truth is easy: if they can't find it, they can’t buy it. By providing easy access to primary product finding parts: categories, search field and curated paths it gives more chances that customer buy a product.

System optimization

Struggling with a slow loading of the website, when every second plays a conclusive role in the buying process? The system optimization is a solver.

Loading time is one of the most obvious things because the online sales growth is directly dependent on the optimized system, so site speed is impossible to underestimate.

As you can see, optimized systems make your web store works better in all senses.

As a normal, default Magento store takes more than 3 seconds to load a product page. The specific list of steps for improving site speed can make it works faster. If you are interested in these steps, you can visit the performance optimization page and grab more utile info.

For particular cases, we can exploit our Full Page Cache Booster. The extension fully caches pages without initializing Magento and deflates the size Java Script on your site. As a result, you get lower server load, which means your server handles more visitors simultaneously. More about the using of Full Page Cache in Complex Cache Optimization case study.

It seems not to be a walkover and we are here to guarantee end-to-end development and support. Are you looking for a partner to succeed in B2C? Contact us.

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