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Our goal is to create design that sells. Overachievers by nature, we are driven by the desire to both stay ahead of the pack and to deliver design products tailor-made to help your sales skyrocket. We have the expertise and set of technical skills required to make that happen.

Our narrative about design would be incomplete without delving deeper into the technicalities of the process. But, we'll do our best not to sound boring, because what we do is nowhere near that.

Thoughtful design is useful for development

First and foremost, we are convinced that design is the cornerstone of the overall project architecture. What we want to say by that is that, with any new project, the first thing you do is come up with sketches. These sketches lay the groundwork for the entire structure of your project.

We are big fans of the design thinking approach.

Staying true to the above principle, we incorporate UX, UI and graphic designers into our agile teams as early on as possible. This gives us leverage to both think the project through in a more detailed way as well as cut the delivery timeline. We've been practicing this for a long time and it always worked like a charm.

Assigning such a cross-disciplinary team to work on the project lets us get different perspectives and, therefore, end up with a much bigger-picture view of the whole thing.

Designers are important members of our team

We get the team together for every project individually based on its specific requirements. The final roster may differ by the project, but normally, in a team, we'd have a UX/UI designer, a graphic designer, a project manager, a QA engineer and developers.

But the key role in any project is reserved for the customer. Obviously, the customer is that go-to expert who will have the final say in all important matters. We welcome and deeply appreciate customer's active involvement in the project from day one.

Quick overview of a typical design team workflow

Our UX designer will go over your project description to create a roadmap. The next thing on the agenda would be to reproduce as many typical use-cases from a future buyer/site visitor perspective as possible to form a list of the so-called user stories. Our UX designer will literally live through the entire experience on your website. This is what we call an empathy-driven variation of design thinking and it's pivotal in understanding how exactly your customers interact with your online store.

Next, we'll work on each of these use-cases with you to make sure that we are on the same page, no vital details are missed and all your expectations are met. We are strong adherents of Agile development methodology, and for that reason we also endeavor to get the best of it in design, too.

Our design teams are very flexible and can make changes to the project on the fly.

As soon as we have the roadmap approved by you, we'll start churning out design documentation to build design prototypes.

Once the prototypes have been created, we'll immediately run it by you in order to weed out inaccuracies and add missing functionality. After that we'll fix the prototypes to include the new input and show them to you again. In fact, we'll be doing that until the prototypes are flawless. Why is that important so early on in the project? For one, it's way cheaper to modify a prototype than to make changes in the code later on.

Role of UI and graphic designers

After you're okay with the prototypes, our UI and graphic designers will kick in. A UI designer's job would be to visualize the largely schematic prototypes created by our UX designer with the focus on visual appeal. It is the UI designer who ensures that all the steps and actions on your website that your future customers would need to take are intuitive and self-explanatory.

A graphic designer will polish the look to a pixel-perfect state making sure that all of the visual components, such as icons, graphics, fonts, etc. are held to the highest standard and would work correctly on all types of devices. But the most important thing is that our design team won't check out of the project after the designs have been delivered and accepted. On the contrary, our designers will be working hand in hand with the development team to make sure that the designs are coded correctly.

We are a full service Magento agency, so what we are really interested in is building relationships with our customers that last. Design is just the first step on this fascinating path.

Need urgent fix for a design issue? No worries, simply buy one of our packages and will rush to the rescue.

Any questions?

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through everything.
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