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E-Commerce Strategy

Are you looking forward to begin your online business, but don't have enough experience and knowledge to start?

Don't worry! Aitoc lends you a hand.

Our deep technical competence in the terms of Magento and e-commerce business will be a stepping stone for you. We are eagerly ready to share our ideas, expertise, and knowledge to produce a successful e-commerce strategy.

What is the strategy for us?

The strategy is a plan, which organizes your ideas and they, consequently, take the concrete shape. The main strategy's aims are the achieving of impressive improvements and avoiding you from making mistakes.

We have been building online stores for companies from the ground up since 2001 and faced with different cases:

Case 1

You want to create an online shop on a brick-and-mortar shop's basis.

The decision of creating an online store on a brick-and-mortar existing basis is very often. A lot of our clients have successfully functioning shops with the specific business systems, software, configurations and documentation. We integrate everything you need into your online store and offer unique solutions to a particular case, taking into consideration your B2B or B2C stores' specification.

Case 2

You have a desire to jump into e-commerce world, but afraid of the experience gap.

If you don't have stores at all, and want to start your e-commerce business, we are here to share our deep and timeproof expertise. You may have serious reservations: Where do I start? A clear understanding of the process comes to your mind, during the cooperation with the strategy team. You can gain knowledge and experience, what is a significant plus. We build your store from A to Z: create a plan, which includes the set of functionality, necessary integrations, selling techniques and so on. And if you have an ambition, we deliver your web-store, following this plan.

Case 3

You already have a functioning online store, but want it to be more optimized, modernized and effective.

The growth of a store may cause the necessity of business processes' modernization. To find the right solution we follow the formula, discussing each step with you.

analyze → plan → deliver

In the result, you grab a lot of pluses and here are just some of them:

  • reduce wastes
  • improve efficiency
  • cut operational costs
  • automize processes
  • improve customer service and so on

Case 4

You are an experienced seller on the marketplaces (Amazon, eBay) and get to a whole new sales' level.

Selling a long time on the marketplaces, you already have experience and market's insight. But the creature of the web-store is a new step in your business. In this case, you need to combine the existing basis with your new online store. The cooperation gives the concrete plan of your business development and helps to define guidelines for the future improvement.

Who creates the strategy?

The strategy is in e-commerce strategy team hands. The team is a cross-functional and consists of skilled experts within e-commerce and Magento. Team members use different functional expertise to provide omni-channel solutions for your business needs. Moreover, our team works in with a large network of partners, specializing in various aspects of e-commerce. So, any solution will be done.

If you find something familiar in these cases, you are our client. Contact us today and let us be your guide in e-commerce business.

Any questions?

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through everything.
Let's talk