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E-Commerce Strategy

If you are looking to disrupt the shopping universe with a new online store or simply want to turn things around with the one you already run, first thing you’ll need is a technology partner that would understand your business.

We may just be that all-in-one solution provider you can rely on as we have both the required experience and skill set.

What is e-commerce strategy?

Simply put, it is about putting together a realistic and well thought-out business plan and then executing it. Unfortunately, e-commerce strategy as such is an oft-overlooked or plainly misunderstood part of a business plan. Over the years, we’ve seen a great many decent stores go out of business due to poorly executed e-commerce strategy, or even complete lack thereof.

So, whenever possible, we at Aitoc stress the importance of having a meticulously structured e-commerce strategy in place at all times. Among other things, it includes such marketing tools and practices as custom loyalty programs, customer reviews, on-site personalization, micro-targeting, etc.

Even though customers’ sets of circumstances can vary greatly, below are a few use cases we are helping our customers with on a somewhat regular basis.

Case 1

Spinning your brick-and-mortar shop off into the online universe.

When you have a successfully operating offline store, the next thing you’d want to do is complement your sales with a web store. We will help you develop a custom e-commerce strategy, build your online store from ground up and bring all your offline and online sales and business processes under one roof, integrating your new Magento store with your ERP and warehouse management systems.

Case 2

Starting an online store from scratch.

This is simple. We’d gladly share our experience, technical expertise and business acumen to help you develop e-commerce strategy from ground up or sharpen the one you have been working on.

Case 3

Optimizing your existing online store.

Unfortunately, the fluid and quickly changing nature of e-commerce won’t let you rest on the laurels for too long. There would always be aspects that you would want to improve, be it cutting costs, streamlining businesses operations or simply providing better customer service.

Case 4

Building a web store to complement your sales on Amazon and eBay.

After successfully selling via marketplaces, such as Amazon and Ebay, starting your own online store can be the next obvious step for your business. We know how to build that store and seamlessly integrate it with the marketplaces.

How we work on e-commerce strategy

We will put together a cross-functional team and draw on experience of each member so as to see the big picture. We will ll have business analysts, project managers, web designers and developers working on your e-commerce strategy at the same time.

Need help with e-commerce strategy for your store? Let us know so we could help.

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